The ASJA Weekly
Dec. 6, 2013

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Freelancers
By Michelle V. Rafter
Got a freelancer or two to shop for and missed getting something on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Maybe you're the problem child on everyone's list because you can't ever think of anything you need. Not to worry.

The following goodies are tailor-made for freelancers. Or, the next time someone asks what you want, send them a copy of this. Bonus – everything is available online. Don't forget, if you're giving any of these as tax-deductible business gifts, the IRS' acceptable spending limit is $25:More

Exclusive Survey Results: All About Self-Publishing
Digital Book World
In 2012, Digital Book World and Writer's Digest surveyed nearly 5,000 authors about a variety of topics, including publishers, self-publishing, agents, ebooks, royalties and more. The results were eye-opening. This year, DBW and WD have partnered with Dana Beth Weinberg, a professor of sociology at Queens College in New York, to take a deeper look at authors and what they want — the goal being to help publishers, self-publishing services providers and the authors themselves better navigate the changing business of publishing.More

November Launches 71 New Magazines — 15 with Frequency — 56 Specials! A Great Harvest For Print!
Samir Husni's Mr. Magazine
It is a fact that some magazines are closing their doors on their print editions and traveling solely down that cyber highway; however, it is another fact that there are some who have a different vision, those rogue November wolves that bay at print's moon and defy the digital-only luminescence offered by that Internet beam.More

Too long. Didn't read.
The Writer Magaine
According to a study, The Huffington Post publishes 1,200 pieces of new editorial content per day. In addition, 28 blog editors curate 400 blog posts in that same day. Upstart (of list and viral nostalgia fame) pumps out an average of 373 pieces of content per day. The online sports hub Bleacher Report produces about 800 articles in 24 hours.More

Amazon Publishing Launches Short Fiction Imprint
Publishers Weekly
Amazon Publishing has launched StoryFront, a new imprint devoted to short fiction across all genres that will serve as home to the digital literary journal Day One, which Amazon announced in October. StoryFront will publish a variety of works exclusive to Kindle, including stories originally published in Day One, available for purchase a la carte. There are no plans for print editions.More

The 10 Best Books of 2013
The New York Times
By turns tender and trenchant, Adichie's third novel takes on the comedy and tragedy of American race relations from the perspective of a young Nigerian immigrant. From the office politics of a hair-braiding salon to the burden of memory, there's nothing too humble or daunting for this fearless writer, who is so attuned to the various worlds and shifting selves we inhabit — in life and online, in love, as agents and victims of history and the heroes of our own stories. More

Self-Publishing Empowers Authors to Express Themselves
Dick Roemer CEO of Raptor Press announced: "We are a firm believer in self-publishing and have recently expanded our distribution channels worldwide. Our books focus on true Conspiracies, monumental in scope which would never even be considered by the large Publishing Houses who act as Mainstream gatekeepers. But there’s a new paradigm now with authors free to publish their own works and all it takes is inspiration and some effort. I encourage every author with an original work to jump in and join the new revolution in self-publishing but learn the options first."More

Copyright Industries Boost GDP By $1 Trillion
The Columbus Dispatch
The economic contributions of U.S. copyright industries reached new heights last year, for the first time contributing more than $1 trillion to the gross domestic product and accounting for 6.5 percent of the country's economy, a new report says.More

NPR Books Reveals Book Concierge App to Help Navigate Best Books of the Year
NPR Books has released a new web app designed to help readers discover what they might like to read among NPR's best 200 books of the year. The Book Concierge lets you mix and match from 21 different categories of reading. You can combine your moods to come up with what will fit.More

Flipboard Raising Another $50 Million
CNN Money
Social news app Flipboard is in final negotiations to raise $50 million in new venture capital funding, Fortune has learned. This would be an extension to the $50 million that Flipboard scored just two months ago, at a reported $800 million valuation.More