The ASJA Weekly
Dec. 20, 2013

How Meditation Can Help Your Writing
By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
This morning I meditated for a half hour before coming to my desk to write this, and, as ever, that made all the difference. Not that it means this will be the most brilliant blog post you've ever read, nor even the best blog post I've ever written. Simply that it got done, without all the fussing that can go into such endeavors. For me, "sitting," as we call it, sets a tone for everything that comes after it in a given day — it gives me that "just do it" attitude that we all know is crucial to a productive writing career.

Self-Publishing: The Myth and the Reality
The Huffington Post
There was a time — and not all that long ago — when self-publishing was considered nothing short of blasphemy. So-called "vanity houses" would, for a price, produce your book. … Today, self-publishing has become a billion-dollar juggernaut. But don't quit your day job. Yet.More

Save Your Story From Coming to a Bad End
Writer's Digest
Too many stories end badly. And yet they somehow get published and even succeed to some degree. That's because the rest of the story — the structure of it and the compelling essence of the character — triumphs to an extent that the ending doesn’t make or break the story at all. It just is.More

The State of the Digital News Publishing Industry, According to the Internet
10,000 Words
There must be something in the air, maybe the end of a crazy year, that’s making writers introspective. In the past week alone, there have been some very good analyses of the state of the digital publishing .More

7 Tips for Writing for Online Readers
Daily Writing Tips blog
For some people, if a topic interests them, they are quite content to immerse themselves in extensive online articles that are otherwise indistinguishable from print content. Most website visitors, however, have a different set of expectations when they read on a computer screen.More

Amazon Has a New Online Story Building Tool For TV and Film Writers
Amazon's film division Amazon Studios has created a new tool to help writers build scripts called Amazon Storybuilder. The digital tool borrows from the paper notecard approach to writing story boards only it does it virtual.More

Where Fangirl Meets Reporter
The Writer magazine
How do you separate yourself from the fangirl (or boy) inside who just wants to sit back and squeal at every star player she sees in the halls or settle into her courtside media seat and marvel at the epic displays of athleticism? And this goes for many writers, not only sports journalists. How do you transform a trip to Tahiti into a compelling travel piece instead of a diary of your vacation?.More

The Persecution of Apple: Is the E-Book Investigation Out of Control?
Apple is complaining about a court monitor's aggressive antitrust tactics. It turns out the company has a point — and a federal judge is over-stepping her authority, according to an antitrust expert.More