ATIS NewsWeekly
May 28, 2010

What role do brands play in an IPTV world?
Unlike its predecessor, Project Kangaroo which was blocked last year, Project Canvas will not be investigated by the Office of Fair Trading. As the future path for Canvas becomes clearer Sharon Wheeler, CEO, Turquoise Brand Consultants, asks "who owns the audience relationship in the Internet Protocol Television world?"More

Verizon plans FiOS IPTV service
Verizon is in the early phases of deploying an Internet Protocol television system in a move to bring its FiOS brand to the Web, according to a well-placed source within the company. The service will extend beyond PCs to gaming consoles.More

FCC changes 2.3 GHz rules to free up more broadband spectrum
The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules that will free up 25MHz of spectrum in the 2.3GHz band for mobile broadband services as part of the commission's goal to make 500 megahertz of spectrum available over the next decade.More

Who's really sitting on an LTE goldmine?
Light Reading
At this early stage in the development of LTE, it is not yet known who holds key patents for the next-generation mobile technology. But this hasn't stopped some companies from making claims about their share of the LTE intellectual property rights pie. Patents matter greatly to LTE vendors because there is potentially a lot of gold in those IPR hills that can be mined for lucrative licensing revenues. More

Telcos can delay LTE, upgrade 3G, save cash
Mobile telecom operators can save two thirds of their costs in the near future by upgrading older 3G networks instead of investing in new LTE technology, telecoms consultancy Aircom said. Aircom said a $750 million investment was needed in the first 12 months for a British operator to start LTE rollout, while upgrading a current network to new, so-called HSPA Plus technology can cost just $250 million as it is only new software. More

IPv4 to IPv6 migration, the 'real' Y2K problem
Many believe that warnings about the perils of running out of IPv4 addresses can safely be ignored -- that like the Y2K machinations of the last century, they are much ado about nothing. After all, you already have your IPv4 address, so why should you care? Performance, that's why.More

Are you ready for the big internet crunch?
The internet as we know it is reaching its limits. Within 18 months it is estimated that the number of new devices able to connect to the world wide web will plummet as we run out of "IP addresses" -- the unique codes that provide access to the internet for everything from PCs to smart phones. More

Airspan grandstands its latest in smart grid offerings
Going WiMAX
Airspan Networks introduced its latest vehicle-mounted subscriber terminal and it will sponsor the Utilities Telecom Council Telecom 2010. The mobile radio transmitter mounted in a vehicle enables real-time information transfer between the vehicle and a control station. This helps with fleet management, vehicle surveillance and tracking.More