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Jan. 21, 2015

Are you indispensable to your customers?
By Adrian Davis
As you look at your customer base, are there any customers who really can't do without you? If not, you could be in big trouble. Our economy is fragile, and it is no longer sheltered from the unpredictable upheavals overseas. Anything that happens anywhere in the world can cause an economic downturn in North America, resulting in difficult financial challenges for your customers. The easiest way to deal with these challenges is to simply stop paying suppliers. Sometimes that means altogether, and other times, it means delaying payments until cash flow improves. Either way, it means trouble for you.More

WDMA cautions against EPA overregulation
Door & Window Market Magazine
With policymakers in the U.S. Congress having just kicked off the new year, industry members and associations are eager to see how activity at the nation's capital in 2015 will impact their respective trades. That attention is not lost on the Window & Door Manufacturers Association, which recently released its 2015 National Policy Agenda.More

3 myths that block business success
Entrepreneurs are required to wear many different hats on a daily basis, and it can be challenging to keep up with the demands of running a business. This leads some to experience unsettling doubts as to whether their ideas will succeed. Others may know they're onto something good but still struggle to get their business off the ground.More

Front-door color worth 1,000 words
Killeen Daily Herald
Driving around the other day, I noticed some brightly painted front doors. Our homes' front doors are really pretty important when it comes to first impressions and "curb appeal." Although many people's first, a front door is usually the third thing I notice when looking at homes, with plants and turf grass being the first and second things. To me, front doors add so much to the look of a home. If you don't notice someone's front door, that may say something very important.More

Mobile is the future — and the present
Window & Door
"Mobile" is a word everyone knows, but it has a specific meaning regarding online marketing. But what exactly does mobile mean in this context and how can you optimize your website for mobile devices? Mobile refers to the way potential customers are receiving information online via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Not only did sales for this category go through the roof in 2014, but Google predicts that mobile searches will overtake desktop-based searches sometime in 2015.More

PPI report: Flat glass prices rise 1.8 percent in December
Door & Window Market Magazine
Flat glass prices saw a big jump — relative to recent month-to-month changes — in December, increasing 1.8 percent from the month before, according to the latest Producer Price Index Report issued by the U.S. Labor Department. The spike comes after flat glass prices rose 0.5 percent from October to November.More

5 immediate ways to automate, streamline and grow your business
Small Business Trends
Every entrepreneur wants to create a profitable business. But instead of working on their businesses, most of them end up working in their businesses with a go-all-out, hands-on approach. When it comes to growth and scale, this hands-on approach won't work. What entrepreneurs need is a way to leverage, and a way to scale. They are always looking for a sustainable way to go smart. More