Door & Window Business
Mar. 18, 2015

Construction demand exploding in 2015 — yet costs complicate recovery
Building revenue and demand for new commercial construction may be rising fast — but so are costs. Profitability for new commercial building projects will be tricky in 2015, as soaring demand may not lead to soaring profits. "Leasing momentum is boosting construction demand across multiple commercial property sectors — but raw material and labor costs are making it more expensive to get out of the ground than ever before," said Todd Burns, President, JLL Project and Development Services, Americas. More

Everything your organization needs to know about EPLI
By D. Albert Brannen
Employers are subject to a plethora of employment-related litigation under state and federal statutes and common law claims. Employment Practices Liability Insurance, or EPLI, can protect employers from these claims, but premiums, deductibles and coverages vary with the terms and conditions of each policy. This article will review some of the factors that employers should consider in evaluating EPLI products.More

OSHA is paying attention to safety whistleblowers — are you?
Recent decisions in favor of employees who speak up about unsafe working conditions are a reminder that OSHA is taking whistleblower complaints quite seriously these days. Check this article out to make sure you and your employees are fully aware of their rights under the law.More

Penn research team develops 'smart' window
University of Pennsylvania
Commonplace as they are, windows are an important piece of technology. Beyond architectural aesthetics, a building's ecological footprint depends heavily on how its internal light and heat are managed. With this in mind, researchers from around the world are trying to make windows "smarter" by tailoring their properties to be more responsive and finely tuned to changing needs. At Penn, Shu Yang, a professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, is taking a deceptively simple approach to the smart window. More

15 ways you can rise above the competition
Small Business Trends
The old adage, "If you're not first, you're last," couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to business success. Being first-to-market may have its advantages, but long-term success is not a race — it's how you make a product or service better than that of your competitors. "Better" can mean anything from the product or service itself to customer service, pricing or marketing strategy.More

Performance demands will drive green construction growth
By Michael J. Berens
Of all the trends affecting the rise in sustainable construction, none is having a greater impact than the drive for higher building performance. As owners, engineers and builders strive for greater efficiencies, they are turning to green building practices for solutions. To judge by the trade media, you would think everyone is building green. Such is not the case. Although sustainable design and construction has become more mainstream, it still represents only a fraction of the entire industry. That may change drastically in the next three to five years.More

Looking to get your own article published this year?
In an effort to enhance the overall content of Door & Window Business, we'd like to include peer-written articles in future editions. As a member of AWDI, your knowledge of the industry lends itself to unprecedented expertise. And we're hoping you'll share this experience with your peers through well-written commentary. Make 2015 the year you get published as an expert in your field! Our group of talented editors can help with final edits. If you're interested in participating, please contact Ronnie Richard to discuss logistics.More