Door & Window Business
Apr. 22, 2015

Tips and apps to assure your employees' safety and health
Occupational health and safety: There's an app for that. It's always a good time to assess what you are doing to help protect the safety and health of your employees. Not only is protecting your employees from injuries the right thing to do, the cost of workplace injuries is very high in lost productivity, workers' compensation claims and more.More

The pros and cons of removing or rehabing windows
The Ellsworth American
Household windows may be all about the look, but when it comes time for something new, there's a lot more to windows than meets the eye. Beyond aesthetics, which is always important, one's got to look at a whole host of factors that might influence the way one replaces — or repairs — the windows in a home. Is there major air incursion? Foggy panes of glass? Water damage on walls nearby? And even more, is the house older? Newer? More

3 challenges small business owners face
Small Business Trends
Small business owners wear many hats and make many decisions each day. Most of these decisions are small and they have minor impacts. Some, however, are common to most small businesses and can have major impacts. More

Doors and windows define a home
The Times of Northwest Indiana
No matter what type of home you have, be it Craftsman or Victorian, Cape Cod or cottage, the doors and windows you choose can really set the tone for your home. Trends in doors and windows don't really change too much from year to year, experts say, with homeowners traditionally tending to stay true to the character of their home. More

Meerkat and Periscope: What are they and how can you use them for marketing?
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Forget writing about how fantastic last Sunday's brunch was (Facebook 2007). No need to microblog about it either (Twitter 2009). A colorful photo with perfectly arranged mimosas and scones is a step in the right direction (Instagram 2012). But now you can officially do better. Share live video of your entire meal (Meerkat and Periscope 2015). The next level of social media has arrived: live social video streaming. See how your business can beat competitors by using these apps for marketing. More

How 3-D printing is changing the global construction industry forever
Global Construction
The concept of 3-D printing has been hovering around for some time now. The actual use of 3-D printing and its adaption into the construction industry is now starting to become a reality. Architects and contractors around the world are beginning to build the first 3-D residential structures including houses and apartment buildings. What makes 3-D printing different than current construction methods? More

'Mobilegeddon'?: Google search change could hit small businesses
A change in Google's search algorithm that favors sites that are mobile friendly could hurt small businesses, which generally can't afford to have a vibrant mobile presence compared to larger companies. Beginning April 21, Google will alter how it ranks websites in mobile searches based on mobile-friendly criteria. The change was announced in February, and the Web giant said the shift will make it easier for consumers to get "relevant, high-quality search results that are optimized for their devices." More