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Jul. 16, 2014

RRP may qualify you for some HUD funded projects
Now that all of you Certified Firms realize you have to take the refresher course and get re-certified, it's a good time to look at the whole Lead Safe business and look for ways to increase the opportunities for you.

It's only natural that Certified Firms look for funds being offered for renovation work — whether it is federal, state or local and for many projects in older cities. ForRenovationPros ran an extensive article on how to look for these funds. HUD has, for a long time, offered financial programs for energy and other renovations in an effort to rehabilitate inner cities and other older buildings.

Having become certified in RRP doesn't necessarily qualify a contractor for HUD work, because the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Lead Safe Housing Rule generally applies to work performed in target housing units receiving HUD housing assistance, such as rehabilitation or acquisition assistance, and is seemingly more complicated than RRP.

That doesn't mean RRP training and procedures won't suffice in some instances, and learning the differences in the requirements might give a contractor an opportunity to participate in the available funds. In fact, HUD was the original "author" of the RRP practices that EPA used when they set up the training protocol that became RRP.More

The NFRC 25th Anniversary Student Film Contest
National Fenestration Rating Council
The National Fenestration Rating Council is celebrating 25 years of service to architects, builders, manufacturers, building code officials and most importantly, consumers. As a nonprofit organization, NFRC independently rates the energy performance of windows, doors and skylights to help people choose the right product to achieve their goals. In celebration, NRFC is sponsoring The NFRC 25th Anniversary Student Film Contest. NFRC invites students to create short films that seek to answer the question, "why do windows matter?"More

Save money with energy efficient windows
Fairbanks Daily News Miner
Well-designed windows are essential to any home — they provide light and a connection to the outside environment while keeping out the wind and the cold. On the other hand, poorly performing windows can be drafty and uncomfortable, can increase heating costs and can contribute to condensation and frost.More

Top 3 advantages to fiberglass doors
The Burlington Post
Say goodbye to doors that have dings and dents, and hello to a more durable door. While traditionally doors have been made out of either wood or metal, thanks to new technology, the doors of the future are now, and they are fiberglass. Discover the benefits that make fiberglass the right choice.More

New design and construction logics for the next generation of high-performance buildings
Massachusetts Institute of Technology via PhysOrg
Mark Goulthorpe is an architect, writer and teacher. In each role, his goal is the same: to seek models of thought that might yield new approaches to designing and constructing buildings. In the classroom, he has students engage in projects from theoretical, creative and practical angles, and he often creates interdisciplinary forums on a given issue. In his own practice, he uses innovative materials, processing logics and computer-aided design. More

Federal vs. state OSHA: Do you understand the difference?
Business & Legal Resources
If you operate a business, you're probably familiar with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA is the federal agency responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which aims to ensure that employers provide a safe working environment to their employees. It accomplishes this through creating and enforcing regulations, conducting inspections, providing educational information and offering outreach to employers and workers around the country. More

Costs to incorporate green features
National Association of Home Builders
The cost to make a home green (energy efficiency, water and indoor quality, etc.) is higher than the cost of construction of other homes. According to analysts at McGraw-Hill Construction, the incremental cost for builders to construct green homes was 8 percent in 2013. For remodelers, green projects raised costs by 9 percent on average. More

Quantum Windows & Doors elects new president
Door & Window Magazine
The board of directors at Quantum Windows & Doors has elected Melissa Benton as its new president. Benton assumed the role as of May 1. She has been with Quantum since 2003 and has worked in both the operational and production roles within the company. More

Wood finishing 101: The chemistry in coating wood
Woodworking Network
In the woodworking industry, there is a tendency to place manual finishing in the realm of art, completely ignoring the scientific aspects in any way. This generally works out if you are meticulous, use systems exactly as the manufacturer recommends and don't cross contaminate your products, but the reality is that more finishing problems are the result of microscopic interactions than flawed technique.More

Hurd Windows and Doors to be purchased by California company
The Milwaukee Business Journal
Central Wisconsin window manufacturers Hurd Windows and Doors and Superseal Windows and Doors are being purchased by Sierra Pacific Industries of California for an undisclosed amount. Sierra Pacific Industries is a family-owned and managed wood products firm based in Anderson, California. The acquisition of Hurd and Superseal will add manufacturing capacity, additional product lines and immediate access to central and eastern U.S. and international markets for the company's window division, Sierra Pacific said in a press release.More