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March 9, 2011

CAA Presented Centennial Awards at the 2011 Annual Conference
CAA News
CAA selected five extraordinary individuals—Stuart Eizenstat, Dorothy and Herbert Vogel, Agnes Gund, and Philippe de Montebello—as the distinguished recipients of four Centennial Awards, which were presented last month at the 2011 Annual Conference in New York.More

Centennial Projects for The Art Bulletin, Art Journal, and
CAA News
For the Centennial year, the editorial boards for CAA's three journals have drawn from the full run of their respective back issues to create "virtual anthologies" of landmark articles and reviews that are freely accessible through the CAA website. Howard Singerman has written an ambitious essay on the history of Art Journal to accompany its compilation, while Natalie Kampen and Lucy Oakley respectively introduce the collections for The Art Bulletin and

New Members Join CAA's Professional Interests, Practices, and Standards Committees
CAA News
CAA's nine Professional Interests, Practices, and Standards Committees welcome their new members, who will serve three-year terms. In addition, seven new chairs have taken over committee leadership.More

The Modern Art Iraq Archive Offers New Hope for Lost Works
of Modern Art from Iraq

CAA News
The newly created Modern Art Iraq Archive is part of a long-term effort to document and preserve the modern artistic works from the Iraqi Museum of Modern Art in Baghdad, most of which were lost and damaged in the fires and looting during the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq by the United States in 2003.More

Winter Deaths in the Arts
CAA News
CAA recognizes the professional achievements of the men and women who made a significant impact on the visual arts in this semimonthly listing of obituaries. The renowned historian of Islamic art, Oleg Grabar, and a cofounder and former director of the Musée d'Orsay, Françoise Cachin, are included among the artists, scholars, critics, and curators.More

National Professional-Development Workshop for Artists in Baltimore
CAA News
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore will present the next CAA National Professional-Development Workshop for Artists, called "Galleries, Grants, and Networking," on Saturday, March 26, 2011. Registration is free for MICA students, alumni, faculty, and staff; $15 for all other participants.More

Apply for a Spring 2011 Meiss Grant
CAA News
CAA is accepting applications for the Millard Meiss Publication Fund's spring grant cycle until the April 1 deadline. Meiss grants supports book-length scholarly manuscripts in any period of the history of art and related subjects that have been accepted by a publisher but require further subsidy to be published in the fullest form.More

Propose a Paper or Presentation for the 2012 Annual Conference
in Los Angeles

Annual Conference Update
CAA has published the 2012 Call for Participation, which invites members to propose a paper or presentation for the 100th Annual Conference, taking place February 22–25, 2012, in Los Angeles, California. The deadline for proposals is May 2, 2011.More

Session Audio from the New York Conference
Annual Conference Update
The 2011 Annual Conference in New York boasted an incredibly diverse array of program sessions. Audio recordings for sixty-three panels—including "Performative Tendencies," "Color and Nineteenth-Century American Painting," and "The Erasure of Contemporary Memory"—are now available for sale.More

Download Abstracts 2011 by July 31
Annual Conference Update
Registrants for the 99th Annual Conference in New York must download Abstracts 2011 by July 31, 2011. This publication, available as a PDF, summarizes the contents of hundreds of papers and talks that were presented in program sessions at last month's event.More

American Council for South Asian Art
Affiliated Society News
The American Council for Southern Asian Art has elected three new officers: Stephen Markel of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is president; Deepali Dewan of the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto is vice president; and John Cort of Denison University becomes a board member.More

Foundations in Art: Theory and Education
Affiliated Society News
Foundations in Art: Theory and Education and the Mid-America College Art Association, another CAA affiliated society, will present a joint conference, called ON STREAM, in St. Louis, March 30–April 2, 2011.More

Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture
Affiliated Society News
The Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture congratulate the recipients of the Mary Vidal Memorial Fund for graduate student travel: Georgina Cole of the University of Sydney and Susan Wager of Columbia University.More

Historians of German and Central European Art and Architecture
Affiliated Society News
The Historians of German and Central European Art and Architecture have announced the results of its recent board election: Marsha Morton is president; Rose-Carol Washton Long is treasurer; Eva Forgacs is secretary; Emily Pugh is newsletter editor; and Jay Clark, James van Dyke, Keith Holz, and Juliet Koss are at-large board members.More

Historians of Netherlandish Art
Affiliated Society News
The Historians of Netherlandish Art have published the Winter 2011 issue of its open-access, online peer-reviewed, Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art, which features articles by Noëlle L. W. Streeton on Jan van Eyck, Jürgen Müller on Albrecht Dürer, Stephanie Porras on peasant imagery, and Alexandra Onuf on Claesz Visscher's landscape prints.More

Rembrandt Research Project Ended
The Art Newspaper
The Rembrandt Research Project is to be closed down, although it is tantalizingly near to finishing its full catalogue. After forty-two years of work, five volumes of the Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings have been published, the most recent last October. There was to have been one more detailed volume, but this has been dropped.More

The Art of Management: Business Has Much to Learn from the Arts
The Economist
Artists routinely deride businesspeople as money-obsessed bores. Or worse. Every time Hollywood depicts an industry, it depicts a conspiracy of knaves. Think of Wall Street (which damned finance), The Constant Gardener (drug firms), Super Size Me (fast food), The Social Network (Facebook), or The Player (Hollywood itself). Artistic critiques of business are sometimes precise and well targeted, as in Lucy Prebble's play Enron. But often they are not, as those who endured Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story can attest.More

Women at the Drawing Board
The New York Times
It started a month ago when I was asked to compile a list of twenty designers who will influence design in the next decade with Paola Antonelli, senior design curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. After weeks of emailing ideas to and fro, the list was nearing completion and we scoured it for possible omissions. One worry was whether we had included designers from enough disciplines, especially the new ones, that will be increasingly important in the future. Another concern was geography. Though we soon realized that we didn't need to worry about one issue, which has traditionally bedeviled such lists. There was no shortage of women.More

Censorship or a Mirage?
Inside Higher Education
Allegations of censorship at Pratt Institute have set the conservative blogosphere awhirl with what appeared to be a delicious reversal of the common narrative of artistic suppression: an art school, not a horde of prudish philistines, had banished the politically charged work of a student who wanted to use art to challenge prevailing liberal, not conservative, norms. But Pratt says there has been no censorship, and the burgeoning artist in question, a fifth-year student named Stephen DeQuattro, is scheduled to exhibit his work alongside three other students' in April as planned.More

Rafaël Rozendaal Launches Art Website Collector Contract
Image Conscious
A day after the close of the Armory Art Fair in New York, the Dutch artist Rafaël Rozendaal has launched a website hosting a legal contract streamlining the sale of URL-based artwork. According to the artist, the four-page contract has taken over eight months to develop and was initiated as a response to the lack of clarity in collecting and preserving web-based works.More

"My monkey could have painted that." Really?
Psychology Today
People occasionally look at paint splattered on a canvas in a gallery and say, "My child could have painted that." Or, among eccentric pet-owners, "My monkey could have painted that." How much better is abstract art than work by kids and monkeys? New research reveals the answer.More

$40 Million for Arts Education Threatened in Federal Budget Fight
Los Angeles Times
Federal funding totaling $40 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' educational programs, arts education grants for the disabled, and grants to train arts teachers are just some of the arts-related programs on the chopping block as Congress and the Obama administration wrangle over how much to cut the 2010-11 federal budget. The cut was included last week as President Obama signed a temporary budget resolution designed to keep the government operating through March 18 while the White House and congressional Democrats and Republicans continue talks to reach a final budget agreement.More