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What is the best way to teach SEL for Special Education?

Conover Company
The importance of Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) is no secret. But the reason that many Special Education students still don’t get the Social/Emotional training they need is because it’s difficult to 1) administer and 2) measure.

We know that delivering individualized instruction for EVERY person you work with is a difficult, time consuming, and sometimes impossible task. This is where Conover Online can really help you and your students achieve SEL success. Conover Online is uniquely designed to assess each individual’s specific needs and deliver a custom training program that is research-based and proven to provide the SEL skills your students need to succeed. The video content delivery makes it easy to understand and model the behaviors your students need to reach their full potential.

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We have helped over 13,000 organizations help millions of students to reach their full potential. Using our online SEL assessment and skill building tools, we assist programs like yours to achieve success without the stress that typically comes with teaching SEL to special education students.

See how Conover Online can help you go from stressed out to calm and confident knowing that you are putting the students you work with in the best possible position to succeed.

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