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Improving Behaviors And Academics With One Program!

Conover Company

The rapid rate of change in our society is just one reason for the need to develop emotionally healthy people in our schools and workplaces. Individuals learn and work best in environments that are physically and emotionally safe. Building effective learning environments involves emotional intelligence skills that are vital to improving student performance and healthy personalities. We can help.

Developing Emotionally Healthy Students

Successful schools must provide an atmosphere that will enable peak performance for all of their students, not just some. The process for developing emotionally healthy students does not have to be time consuming or expensive. We have been helping schools (and students) improve behavior and the overall culture, resulting in improved grades and test scores, as well as decreased dropout rates, to name just a few of the benefits.

Assessments Drive Instruction

At the core of our emotional intelligence system is a research-based assessment and curriculum. Results of the assessments trigger curriculum that is directly in line with the needs of each individual student. Keep in mind that the root cause of any problematic behavior is related to how participants think and feel about themselves and others around them.

In order to get at the root cause of problematic behaviors, it is necessary to use a proven, research-based, EQ system. I want you to see exactly how our program works to really feel how it can make an impact on your students. Just fill out our form by clicking the button below and we will email you access to our assessment and curriculum.

Free Assessment and Curriculum

Art Janowiak
VP of Sales and Marketing
Conover Company

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