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Educators Across the Country are Giving Safety-Care an A+!

Why is Safety-Care Trainer Training™ one of the fastest growing crisis prevention programs in North America?
Safety Care trainer training is limited to 10 participants per session, the cost includes the 3 day training, the trainer manual, plus a jump drive with all the materials you need to provide trainings, certificate, Safety-Care pin, email, telephone and video support.

What makes Safety-Care such a unique crisis prevention program?

• Designed Upon an ABA and PBIS Foundation
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) essentially define evidence-based practice within the field of behavior change and management. Both approaches focus on reinforcement-based procedures, as well as improving the behavioral repertoire of the individuals we serve. Safety-Care’s prevention, de-escalation and restraint reduction practices are founded upon these approaches.

• Adaptable to Individuals at any/all Functional Levels
Safety-Care does not presume a particular functional level of individuals you serve. Whether you are serving individuals who experience severe or mild impairments, verbal or non-verbal, young or old, medical complications, or other unique characteristics, Safety-Care’s procedures can be effectively and successfully implemented.

• Cost-Effective, Flexible, and Customizable
Safety-Care is one of the most cost-effective crisis prevention programs available. Because it is free of tedious theoretical and philosophical discussion and focuses on training competencies, the curriculum can be trained faster and at a lower cost than most other crisis prevention programs. In addition, we can assist you in customizing* your Safety-Care course, so that you only need to train your staff in only what you think it’s important for them to learn.

• Designed to Teach Replacement Behaviors Not Just Stop Behavior
Any program can stop behavior! Because Safety-Care trains your staff in reinforcement-based behavior change strategies, it teaches the individuals you serve new, appropriate replacement behaviors. This is probably the goal of your entire program, making Safety-Care positive, effective, and compatible with other goals of your program.


* Of course, sequencing and pre-requisite components must stay intact.

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