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Engaged or not?
The Council of Administrators of Special Education Inc. is a division of the Council for Exceptional Children. Some of you are wondering why I would state the obvious, and others of you had no idea that there was a connection. If you are a member of CASE, you are also a member of CEC. This weekly update is not a member service; anyone who goes to the CASE website can sign up to receive this electronic weekly update. Some of the content is not "from" CASE or CEC but a compilation of current articles we believe our members and colleagues would be interested in or should know about. In fact some of the articles take positions that are opposed by CASE but that we believe everyone in the field should be aware.

I believe, and our leadership believes, all professionals involved in the supervision of programs for students with disabilities and/or talents or professionals involved in the training of administrators who will be supervising programs for students with disabilities SHOULD be members of their professional organization, CASE. We believe we provide critical resources to both groups of people. Most CASE members were at one time a teacher of students with disabilities and, as such, most of us started out as CEC members and maybe another content-oriented division (i.e. CCBD, DLD, DEC, DADD, etc). Many CASE members are still members of multiple divisions. Whenever you are a member of an organization, you should also be engaged in that organization. In order for any organization to grow and prosper, it has to be responsive to its members. But how can an organization be responsive if the members do not get involved? How will the organization know what is needed by the members if the members do not make their needs known?

In today's world of instant communication, there are so many ways to provide input. CASE and CEC both have Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, conduct online surveys and still conduct town hall meetings. But one of the best ways to demonstrate your engagement in an organization is to vote in the annual elections. CEC just completed an election. The slate of candidates were sent to you as an email by CEC and an electronic link to vote. CASE printed the complete slate in our fall newsletter and in at least 3 of these weekly updates you were encouraged to vote. The candidates were all deserving of the offices and yet less than 10% of the membership voted. Did you? This is a critical time for all education associations. The article below from NCLD is about parental opinions on funding cuts. This is a time when we must ALL be engaged in the solutions for the problems facing our schools, districts, states and provinces. We congratulate all those who won offices in CEC — the results can be found here.

CASE will be holding our election for President Elect and Treasurer in February. Nominations are being sought now by past President, Dr. Mary Kealy. Download the nomination form now if you are interested in either of these positions, or you want to nominate someone for these positions. But PLEASE plan now to be engaged enough in CASE to vote. We want to have at least 25 percent of our membership vote. We will give you plenty of information on the candidates and the dates of the election in mid-January.

Thank you for YOUR engagement!

Luann Purcell
Executive Director
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  Reading Intervention That Works

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Save the date — CASE 3rd Annual Hybrid Conference
Feb. 24-26


Members will be able to take advantage of a
Black Friday and Cyber Monday early bird registration special!

We hope you will consider either becoming a virtual site for our CASE Winter Conference, Keeping Up in Changing Times, Feb. 24-26 or attending on site with us at the Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, Fla. This is our 3rd year for doing a Hybrid conference and we believe we have the perfect combination for providing cutting edge professional development on a shoe string. Prices haven't changed and if you are a virtual site, it is the cost of just one registration. We will provide you with promotion materials and lots of ideas to help you have a great experience. Remember, because each day is "self contained," you can target different audiences for each day! But ... where else would you want to be in February than in sunny Orlando, Fla., at the wonderful Rosen Plaza hotel with a room rate of $119!

Virtual or on site, either way, we want you to save the dates — Feb. 24-26! The cost has not changed from last year. The daily topics for the three days will be:
  • Focus on Measuring and Evaluating Teacher/Staff Effectiveness
  • Impact of Common Core, Essential Elements and New Assessments
  • Public Education: Will It Survive
Watch the CASE website for additional details and registration in the coming weeks!

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Budget cuts and special education
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Under sequestration, Congress cut $2.5 billion from federal education funding in fi­scal year 2013, including $579 million from special education — IDEA Part B. We surveyed more than 1,000 NCLD parents online to see how budget cuts have affected their children's education. This infographic shows a summary of the results.
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Graduation requirements for students with disabilities
The call to ensure that every student, including students with disabilities, graduates from high school well prepared for college and careers is acknowledged by policymakers, professionals and business leaders. All students deserve access to the academic skills they need so that they can make their own career decisions. They should not have those decisions made for them because they did not have the academic preparation they needed or, worse, left high school with a diploma believing they had been prepared.
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  A New Solution for Creating Effective Behavior Interventions

Using the tool’s guided-process, quickly create accurate, effective Proactive Strategies, Replacement Behaviors, and Reactive Strategies to help meet IEP goals.

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        Students with disabilities and the Common Core: Challenges, opportunities (Education Week)
    Common Core's promise collides with IEP realities (Education Week)
    The mind of a middle schooler: How brains learn (Edutopia)
    Sen. Mikulski asks: Invest in or cut funding for special education? (CEC Policy Insider)

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    Job Posting

    Let CASE post your job positions
    CASE will be glad to post job positions each week — Please send to Luann Purcell, executive director by Tuesday of each week for posting the next week. It should be about a paragraph in length, but you can attach a PDF document that interested persons can then click through to for more information or you can provide a URL link for the same purpose. Please indicate at what date the post should be pulled not to exceed six weeks.
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    Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. is based in Shaker Heights Ohio and produces VizZle®: visual learning software ( MTT is a rapidly growing for-profit startup affiliated with a well-established $50M not-for-profit. VizZle is an easy to use tool for teachers to create visual learning supports for students with Autism and other special learning needs.

    For more information click here.

    South Central Community Services Inc.
    Under the direct supervision of the Day Treatment Site Supervisor, the Teacher adopts the major responsibility for the academic learning, social and emotional growth of students. This includes the use of teaching techniques and tools which stimulate an interest in learning and covering the basic academic

    For more information click here.

    The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Education Division, Office of VSA and Accessibility, seeks a special education professional to be a catalyst for improving arts education for students with disabilities and students in special education. The person in this position will be expected to have and maintain an expertise and in-depth knowledge of education and special education policy and practice; the field of disability; and arts education, special education, inclusion, differentiated learning and universal design for learning. They will be responsible for executing VSA's 2014 Intersections: Arts and Special Education conference.

    For more information, as well as instructions on how to apply please go to: The position opened on September 14, 2013 and will remain open until filled.

    Council for Exceptional Children
    The Council for Exceptional Children invites applications for the editor of its peer reviewed, practitioner-oriented journal, TEACHING Exceptional Children. Applications from co-editors also will be accepted. Designed for special education professionals, TEC links research and practice, showing the application of research to special education classroom and administrative activities and decisions.

    To receive application instructions: Send an email to Please include your full name, current position and preferred phone number.

    Corning-Painted Post Area School District
    Position description: Supervises and coordinates programs that serve children with special needs; including special education, tutorial and enrichment programs. Coordinates the district health services and student screening programs. Implements the district guidance plan. Shares supervision with building administrators of district special education teachers, speech therapists, school-nurse teachers, guidance counselors, school psychologists and teachers in the enrichment programs.

    For more information click here.

    C8 Sciences, one of the fastest-growing brain research companies in the world, is seeking an inside sales consultant to help implement our researched based programs into the education and healthcare markets. This position has six-figure earnings potential, full benefit package, extensive training program and great working culture for the right candidate.

    For more information click here.

    The Mico University College Child Assessment and Research in Education Centre, established since 1981 to meet the needs of children requiring special education in Jamaica and the English speaking Caribbean seeks School Psychologist, and Special Educators at the graduate or doctoral level. Candidates must be able to diagnose and apply prescriptive remediation for children with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders, should have strong leadership skills with the ability to organize, train and develop and guide a clinical team. Strong research and analytical skills are also required.

    For further information you may email us at

    The Association of University Centers on Disabilities, a national not-for-profit organization, seeks an executive director to lead and guide activities that fulfill its mission to advance policies and practices that improve the health, education, social and economic well-being of people with developmental and other disabilities, their families and their communities by supporting its members in research, education, health and service activities. AUCD is governed by a 19-member Board of Directors that includes professionals, individuals with disabilities and family members. It has an annual budget of approximately $5 million and employs a staff of 21. For additional detailed information, click here and visit

    Berkshire Hills Music Academy, a private post-secondary residential school for young adults with a love of music who have learning, cognitive or developmental disabilities, is seeking a new executive director. Located in South Hadley, Mass., the academy uses a strength-based, music-infused curriculum to promote gains in self-efficacy as well as to cultivate performing arts abilities.

    The executive director will lead the school, oversee staff and programs, and be responsible for fiscal health and fundraising. Requires experience working with individuals with disabilities, management and fundraising experience.

    For more details, click here. Send cover, resume and salary history to Susan Egmont, Egmont Associates,

    CEC Policy Insider

    NAEP results show achievement gaps in students with, without disabilities
    CEC Policy Insider
    The results for the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress are in, and the scores for students with disabilities are dismal. Not only are very few students with disabilities meeting proficiency on NAEP — better known as the Nation's Report Card — but large achievement gaps between students with and without disabilities remain. NAEP is an assessment given to a representative sample of more than 700,000 students across the country.
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    CEC-endorsed legislation proposes to expand access to pre-kindergarten
    CEC Policy Insider
    This will not come as a surprise to special educators: Providing early childhood education to children and families supports later development and growth. In fact, over a decade of research has found that quality preschool leads to a wide range of short and long term benefits, including better educational outcomes, stronger job earnings, lower levels of crime delinquency and even fewer referrals to special education.
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    Common Core's promise collides with IEP realities
    Education Week
    One of the most promising elements of common academic standards for students with disabilities, say experts in special education, is that they offer explicit connections from one set of skills to another.

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    E-readers can make reading easier for those with dyslexia
    Smithsonian via Science Daily
    As e-readers grow in popularity as convenient alternatives to traditional books, researchers at the Smithsonian have found that convenience may not be their only benefit.

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    'Mainstreaming' special education students needs debate
    The Wall Street Journal
    Americans tend to be a vocal people, sharing their views about almost any issue in the public sphere loudly and frequently.

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    Hot Topics

    ADHD is overdiagnosed, leading to needless treatment, researchers say
    Widening the definition of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has led to an overdiagnosis of the condition, causing many people, especially children, to receive needless and potentially harmful medical treatment, according to a research analysis published in the British Medical Journal. The expansion of the definition of the disorder also threatens to create a skepticism about ADHD diagnoses that may harm people who have severe cases and "who unquestionably need sensitive, skilled specialist help and support," warn the Australian and Dutch authors of the analysis.
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    Commentary: Education reform through courts and why it's necessary
    Marcellus Antonio McRae says: In California — and in many other states — the Legislature has proven devastatingly ineffective at ensuring equal educational opportunity in our public schools and protecting the fundamental rights of students.
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    Students with disabilities vulnerable to bullying
    New Haven Register
    Students with disabilities are more frequently the targets of bullies, according to education experts. Children identified as having special needs are three to five times more at risk for being the targets of bullies than other children, according to the state Department of Education’s web site. "Often, it takes shape in a way that presents the least resistance to being held accountable, and often occurs when adults are not paying attention," department spokeswoman Kelly Donnelly said. "Bullying often occurs when an aggressor is presented with the opportunity to tease, taunt, threaten, exclude, or even cause physical harm and there is a low likelihood of being caught in the act."
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    Special education cuts, sequestration hurt our most vulnerable students
    The Huffington Post
    For American students with disabilities, class sizes are increasing, services are waning and providers are disappearing. More than half of parents who have children with disabilities and responded to a survey say their schools have altered special education services because of declining funding since last year — in some cases, because of federal budget cuts known as sequestration, according to recently released survey results.
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    In the News

    Special education now on radar in California
    Special education, an operation long viewed in Sacramento, Calif., as too big and confounding to reform, may finally grab policymakers' attention. Three state education agencies have announced the creation of a foundation-funded "Task Force On Special Education."
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    New approach to special education worries Minnesota teachers
    Minnesota Public Radio
    In Minnesota, the St. Paul School District has changed its special education program in a big way — moving hundreds of students from separate special education to general education classrooms.
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    California schools delay, deny special education services
    Schools vs. students: It's a battle being waged over special education services in courtrooms throughout the state of California. And many parents of students with disabilities are finding that getting the free and appropriate education that their children are entitled to under federal law can come at a great emotional and financial cost.
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