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Checking your vitals: Is your business system healthy?
As a business owner, having the right technology in place to keep your operations running efficiently is key. Technology continues to advance and making sure you have the latest systems and updates available can make a tremendous difference in your bottom line. Although you may not think so, your software and IT infrastructure is old in technology terms once it hits the 4 year mark. Outdated systems waste time, money and can slow down your productivity. For apparel manufacturers, this could mean the difference between streamlining your shipments to make room for more, or losing customers due to slow response times.

Why stay current?

For some business owners, it may be difficult to understand why there are continual updates to software. There’s a very good reason for that.

  • First, if you have software updates, it means that there were some things in the previous version that could affect your productivity positively or negatively. This could range from security issues to a nice product enhancement. Staying on the cutting edge of your software can keep your business running smoothly, keeping you one step ahead of the competitors.

  • Second, you want to avoid the potential, unexpected costs of not upgrading. If you decide to upgrade after many years, you may find several costs and complications waiting for you. Jumping multiple generations of a software may require purchasing new computers, paying for a new operating system or updating support applications.

  • Third, you want to make sure your product is secure. Cyber threats and attacks are very real, and the larger your operation, the more vulnerable you become to these attacks. There are too many instances of data breaches to put your operations at risk. Any software running important business information such as vendor information, customer information, financials or inventory levels should always have the latest version of your software running for extra protection.

David Sprecher joins ABS as West Coast Client Services Manager
With over 20 years of IT management and ABS systems knowledge, David has integrated worldwide enterprise architecture and business information systems for domestic production, supply chain management, order management and advanced shipping logistics for the apparel and footwear industries. With a clear understanding of the value driven and effective advantages ABS can offer, David’s hands-on experience expanding utilization and initial adoption of ABS ERP tools benefits our current and future customers. Originally from Los Angeles, David currently resides in Portland Oregon and enjoys regular outdoor ventures into the northwest cascade and pacific coast mountain ranges.


Top 6 tech trends in the fashion industry
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In the fashion industry, if you aren't moving forward, chances are you are falling behind. The world of fashion has the capacity to change faster than ever in the digital era, and those with an eye on what's happening right now and a feel for what's coming next are in a powerful position to gain a competitive advantage.

Los Angeles apparel industry could grow with hi-tech fabrics and other innovations
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During the last decade, the number of people working in California’s apparel and textile manufacturing industry has shrunk. But a recent manufacturing report prepared by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. suggests that the apparel industry could grow by producing more clothing that incorporates high-tech elements.

How a mathematician got micro-robots to sell jeans
Nadia Shouraboura’s mathematician parents were disappointed she pursued a career in retail rather than academia, but the former Amazon executive may hold the keys to success for bricks and mortar retailers in a digital age. The engineer believes bricks and mortar retailers are better placed than pure-play online retailers to satisfy consumer demand for products such as apparel and consumer electronics.
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