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Retrain to reinvigorate your ABS system
Once upon a time you saw fit to invest in a top-of-the-line enterprise resource planning system for your business. You shopped around and found the one that best suited your needs. You probably spent a good amount of time planning, analyzing and implemented the system to work with your day-to-day operation. Once installed, it improved your business.

Now, fast forward and think about your company today. How many things have changed since you implemented your ABS system? Are the exact same products driving your profits? Are you utilizing the E-Commerce the same? Are your clients different? How much employee turnover has there been since your system was brought on line?

Are you ready??

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Why creativity needs IP protection
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but fashion designers understandably are dismayed when perfect replicas of their creative apparel are sold at deep discounts to lower-end markets soon after the originals first appear on the racks of high-end stores or on celebrities walking the red carpet.

Manufacturing your first collection? Here are 5 things to save you time & money
Maker's Row
Making physical things is hard. Plenty can and will go wrong, so it’s crucial to stay on top of as much as you can. Many parts of the process require a large amount of domain knowledge, which most design entrepreneurs don’t universally have and takes years of study to obtain. There are a handful of areas to focus on now when it comes to apparel production. Grasping these aspects will make the process easier and more fruitful.

How an outdoor-clothing company is building up manufacturing in mountain towns
Voormi CEO Dan English, a Microsoft veteran, has set out to remake the outdoor-apparel industry. His company, which he founded in 2010, has patented a water-resistant yet breathable fabric that’s being used in outerwear, attracting attention from mountaineers, cyclists and other outdoor-sports enthusiasts.
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