The Ontario government has finally amended the SABS definition of catastrophic impairment.
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New app helps seniors rate 'age-friendliness' of locations and services
A newly-released app lets seniors rate the 'age-friendliness' of restaurants, community centres, libraries, crosswalks, shopping centres and public transit in their city — and share their ratings with others. The free Age-CAP app uses GPS to pinpoint the user's location, no matter which city they live in worldwide. It's available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Users rate locations on things like general accessibility, availability of seating, lighting levels, staff attitudes and background music levels.

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  New catastrophic impairment definition to be introduced June 2016
Ontario Auto Insurance Topics
The Ontario government has finally amended the SABS definition of catastrophic impairment. The government's 2010 auto insurance reforms included recommendations most seriously injured accident victims.

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  With new technology, few blind Canadians read braille
CTV News
When people meet Jason Mitschele, they are often amazed that he is both blind and works as a federal prosecutor. What they may also be surprised to learn is that Mitschele also can't read braille. And neither can most vision-impaired people in Canada.

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  Advocates: Disabled voters still face accessibility challenges at the polls
CBC News
Elections Canada's recent efforts to make the voting process more accessible across the country have addressed but not eliminated the challenges that disabled voters often encounter at the polls, observers say.

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