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It's Here, January 1, 2019! TJC Fluroscopy and CT
As of 1/1/19 all personnel utilizing and/or supervising fluoroscopy imaging equipment must have initial training in radiation safety and annual training thereafter. A response from TJC about the requirements that staff will be expected to meet follows.

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AHEC 2019 Survey: RT Experience with TMB
AHEC started the New Year exploring the rumors from Texas Rad Techs concerning their experiences with the Texas Medical Board (TMB). AHEC's CEO asked the AHEC marketing group to investigate and was particularly concerned as she holds License #1 and continues to act in concert with TMB. We surveyed our Texas constituents and have the following to report.

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What Would You Do? Cussing at Work
In January we wrote a blog about cussing in the workplace that gained quite a bit of traction with readers and on social media. So we decided to dive a little deeper and what we found was that no matter if you are working in the mail room or an operating suite with physicians or in the boardroom with executives, "cussing" happens.

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Industry News

Study: Use of Chest Imaging in Emergency Department Soars
Axis Imaging
A new Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute study published in the Journal of American College of Radiology has found that the use of chest imaging in the emergency department has grown markedly in the past two decades.

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University of Arizona Researchers Developing 15-Minute MRI
Axis Imaging
Using a $2.1 million grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a team of University of Arizona researchers led by Nan-kuei Chen from the College of Engineering is creating faster MRI technologies to accommodate challenging patient populations, including stroke patients, individuals with Parkinson's disease and children.

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Black Women Have Worse Breast Cancer Outcomes
Aunt Minnie
Black women have higher breast cancer recurrence and overall mortality compared with their white counterparts, even when they receive equivalent health treatments, according to research presented at the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

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U.S. Screening Data from Fukushima Shed Light on Thyroid Cancer in Kids
Aunt Minnie
The latest results of mass ultrasound screening of children for thyroid cancer after the Fukushima disaster were published online on November 29 by JAMA Oncology — Head & Neck Surgery.

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fMRI Finds Brain Alterations in Gaming Addiction
Aunt Minnie
Functional MRI exams have revealed that internet gaming disorder is associated with gender-specific changes in the brain. Men have alterations in brain regions that affect impulse control, while women do not, according to research presented on Wednesday at the RSNA meeting in Chicago.

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BI-RADS 4C or 5 on Ultrasound? Go Directly to Biopsy
Aunt Minnie
Directly scheduling biopsy is an appropriate course of action for breast lesions categorized as BI-RADS 4C and 5 on screening ultrasound, according to research presented at the recent annual RSNA meeting.

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Radiology Fact of the Month
Developing a Reporting Culture: Learning From Close Calls and Hazardous Conditions
In December TJC published a Sentinel Event Alert, Developing a Reporting Culture. The publication addresses the importance of leaders being strong role models of accountability. This engagement of leadership will eventually promote a reporting culture among staff and unit managers.

The 4 E's of a Reporting Culture:
  1. Establish Trust
  2. Ecourage Reporting
  3. Eliminate Fear of Punishment
  4. Examine Errors, Close Calls and Hazardous Conditions
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New Rules and Changes for Texas Medical Board's Renewal and CE Reporting for Medical Radiologic Technologists — 2019
Did You Know? Healthcare Is The Most Violent Industry Outside of Law Enforcement in the U.S.
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