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What Would You Do? Stop Shielding Your Patients? Part 2
Last month we discussed the issue of the hospital in Aurora, CO that reportedly removed the requirement for shielding patients of any age, from babies in NICU to pregnant women. The ensuing controversy has been vigorously debated and led us to consult our expert, Lou Wagner, PhD.

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Valentine's Day CE Scavenger Hunt
Play along for a chance to win a FREE 3 hour webinar to be used by or before 3/31/2018.

  1. Visit aheconline.com and find all (5) of the hearts located on various pages of our website.
  2. Visit our Facebook page and find the dates that we posted (4) pictures with hearts in them.
Below we have riddles that will guide you to the locations throughout our website where they reside. Good Luck!
  • Valentine's Day is near! Clue #1 — Subscribe a friend to start the year.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, how did we get so lucky to have found you? Clue #2 — Find heart #2 close to the map.
  • You are sweet, You are smart, You will always be in our heart. Clue #3 — Look for heart #3 by the courses we offer.
  • You will find heart #4 where we do service. Clue #4 — We will always stand for a purpose.
  • Can we introduce you to something new? Clue #5 — Is a short informative video we think you should view!
The last four hearts are a little tricky! AHEC has been posting pictures with hearts. Find the dates that have the most recent picture with hearts on our Facebook page!

All answer submissions must be submitted through Survey Monkey below by end of business on Friday, February 16.

Industry News

86 Infected With Norovirus At 2018 Olympic Winter Games
Becker's Clinical Leadership & Infection Control
Officials with the Korean Centre for Disease Control on Wednesday confirmed 86 cases of norovirus at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, according to USA Today. Health officials first reported 32 cases of the virus Tuesday, before uppping the count by 54 cases Wednesday. Twelve police officers caught the illness, as well as three food service workers in the media village.

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Technologists Improve Image Quality From Urgent Care Centers
Radiology departments are facing a conundrum from the growing number of urgent care centers sending them x-rays that may not be of optimal diagnostic quality. A department in Texas offers some tips for improving urgent care pediatric imaging in research published online February 2 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

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New ABCs of Emergency Medicine, "Airway, Breathing, CT Scan, Disposition"
New practice-changing guidelines for resuscitation in the emergency department were released just ahead of the American College of Emergency Physicians meeting this year. Dr. Kahn Sult-Freely, ACEP's new-acting President, made the announcement in front of a crowded room in Washington, D.C.

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5 Ways To Optimize CT Lung Cancer Screenings
An academic hospital that implemented a CT lung cancer screening program obtained similar detection rates as the National Lung Screening Trial. But it also encountered challenges that needed to be addressed to improve the quality of screening, which researchers describe in a new study published in Academic Radiology.

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Dose Matters: FDA's Guidance on Children's X-Rays
U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Most people have had an X-ray taken at some time during their lives — perhaps checking for a possible broken bone or during a visit to the dentist. X-ray exams provide important information to physicians about how to treat their patients.

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Radiology Fact of the Month
A German company under the brand name of Doramad, till the year 1945, was able to convince thousands of people to shell their money on a specially formulated toothpaste that contained a little amount of Thorium — a naturally occurring radioactive element. The toothpaste sold for astronomical prices and brought in big money to businesses and individuals. It claimed that the radioactive element present in the toothpaste would bring the users great health benefits and would make their teeth shine brighter.

After it was certain that Germany would lose the war, a German company the Auer Company rerouted thorium from the Nazi atomic program in the year 1944. Thus, the company saw a future for nuclear materials in cosmetics and created Doramad toothpaste. (content provided by Anupum Pant)

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