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The Elephant in the Room: Race and Discrimination — Thoughts on Implicit Bias
As the country and the population become more diverse, society in general has become more stratified and many communities have become marginalized. The healthcare industry isn't immune to the effects of this stratification and marginalization.

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What's Happening at AHEC!
Advanced Health Education Center was awarded it's fifth — five year contract to teach the Nuclear Regulatory Commission courses for Medical Imaging Technology in Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy in 2018. We began 2019, with the Nuclear Medicine course in March and the Radiation Therapy course in April. Both courses were attended by radiation inspectors, physicists and nuclear engineers from across the country in addition to participants from the NRC, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army. Henry Lynn, the contract officer for NRC was also in attendance. The courses are designed to provide the medical component for radioactive sources. The participants love going on three hospital tours at the Texas Medical Center, Cardinal Health Radiopharmacy, and attending a nuclear lab tour at Houston Community College.

Photographed on the left is of the Nuclear Medicine class participants and two of the instructors, Rene Hyder and Glenn Smith. Photographed on the right is of the Brachytherapy, Gamme Knife and Other Uses of ByProducts course participants with one of the instructors, Edgar Bailey.

Welcome to Advanced Health Education Center
Advanced Health Education Center is located in Houston, TX, and has been a leading provider of continuing education for healthcare professionals in the imaging sciences since 1988. Our mission is to provide you the radiologic technologist, physician, sonographer, nurse, etc. with evidence-based education and training that will increase your knowledge, enhance your competency, and improve patient care.

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Industry News

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Manipulate Medical Images Well Enough to Kill People
Joseph Steinberg
Sometime in the early 2000s, while sitting in my dentist's chair, I began to wonder about the potential real-world pain that someone could potentially inflict on another human being simply by hacking the new digital x-ray system that the dentist had installed.

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Researchers Test New Imaging Method for First Time on Human Patients
Medical Xpress
A new study by biomedical engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas could significantly improve methods for detecting and diagnosing congenital heart disease in infants and small children.

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3-D Mammography Significantly Reduces Breast Biopsy Rates
Axis Imaging
The use of digital breast tomosynthesis, or 3-D mammography, may significantly reduce the number of women who undergo breast biopsy for a non-cancerous lesion following an abnormal mammogram, according to a new study published in the journal Radiology.

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Density Notification Laws Boost Breast Ultrasound Use
Aunt Minnie
State breast density notification laws that advise women of supplemental screening options increase breast ultrasound use and appear to lead to a modest boost in cancer detection rates, according to a study published online March 21 in the American Journal of Public Health.

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UC Davis Medical Center Warns 200 People of Possible Measles Exposure
ABC News
A California hospital sent a warning to 200 people who may have been exposed to measles in the waiting room of its emergency department.

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Radiology Funny of the Month


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Radiology Conundrum: Removing the Fluoro Spacer
What Do The Texas Regulations Require for Fluoroscopic Spacers?

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