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A Nurse Sounds Off...Violence Against Healthcare Workers
There is a very fundamental problem in U.S. healthcare and that is violence against healthcare workers. If you haven't picked up on the fact that this issue is a highly sensitive topic, then you haven't been paying attention.

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Is May Madness a Thing?
Well if it's not then we're making it a thing! Here's a sneak peek of our crazy low May webinar special. Starting today any webinar purchased for the week of 05/20-05/20/19 will be $7.95/credit!

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AHEC Welcomes Visitors From Afar, 5823 Miles Away To Be More Specific!
Last week AHEC hosted 2 students from the city of Pago Pago on the American Samoa Island. These 2 Radiologic technologists attended our Abdomen 3 day class. Both women are previous students of AHEC's Ultrasound and came back to learn new skills.

Welcome to Advanced Health Education Center
Advanced Health Education Center is located in Houston, TX and has been a leading provider of continuing education for healthcare professionals in the imaging sciences since 1988. Our mission is to provide you the radiologic technologist, physician, sonographer, nurse, etc. with evidence-based education and training that will increase your knowledge, enhance your competency, and improve patient care.

Industry News

Medical Imaging Company to Pay $3 Million HIPAA Fine
Modern Healthcare
Touchstone Medical Imaging has agreed to pay $3 million to HHS' Office for Civil Rights to settle potential HIPAA violations associated with a data breach that exposed more than 300,000 patients' protected health information.

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Gorilla Undergoes Follow-Up CT Scan at Boston's Franklin Park Zoo
Imaging Technology News
Gigi, a western lowland gorilla, was recently put under anesthesia at Franklin Park Zoo so the zoo's veterinary staff could examine her and perform further diagnostics, including a computed tomography scan, in the hopes of identifying the cause of recent health issues.

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Nurses Call For Action To Address Emergency Room Violence
Taking care of patients, that's one of the main duties of a nurse. But a recent survey by the American College of Emergency Physicians shows nurses are on the receiving end of a shocking amount of violent acts in the workplace and the number of those attacks is increasing.

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Can That Apple Watch Catch a Heart Attack?
Medpage Today
The answer is a resounding and unequivocal NO! If we are using the term heart attack to mean what doctors call a myocardial infarction there should be no expectation that any wearable or consumer ECG product can reliably diagnose a heart attack.

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Health Care Professionals Who Fast and Celebrate the Month of Ramadan
Every year, medical students, physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals fast and celebrate the month of Ramadan, which will be starting in the first week of May 2019.

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Patient Shielding Provides Negligible Benefits While Increasing Risks
Science Daily
A new study published in the April 2019 issues of the American Journal of Roentgenology makes the case for why it is time to abandon the practice of patient shielding in radiology.

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Radiology Conundrum: Removing the Fluoro Spacer
What Do The Texas Regulations Require for Fluoroscopic Spacers?

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