You made it. Well done. Congratulations. It has been a long and challenging road. AHEC Educator — Advanced Health Education Center
You made it. Well done. Congratulations. It has been a long and challenging road.
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UV-light enabled catheter fixes heart defects without surgery
Harvard via Engaget
Advances in medicine are treating patients in ways that were never thought possible. The latest breakthrough comes from a team of scientists in Boston who have developed a way to fix holes in the heart without the need for invasive surgery.

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Industry News

  Recommendations for imaging during ultrasound vary among clinicians
HealthDay News via Clinical Advisor
There is substantial variability between radiologists and technologists in recommendation rates for additional imaging (RAI) during ultrasound interpretation, according to a study published in the October issue of the Journal of Clinical Ultrasound.

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Why ICD-10 is good for radiology
Diagnostic Imaging (commentary)
Shannon Werb writes: "You made it. Well done. Congratulations. It has been a long and challenging road. We just went through this conversion at the radiology group where I am CIO. As challenging as it was, ICD-10 is an important bridge to improving health care and a great first step into the future."

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  Radiologists give small polyps cursory glances, leads to false-negatives
Health Imaging
Tracking the eye movements of 42 radiologists viewing CT colonography videos, British researchers found the physicians quite capable of spotting even very small polyps — but not so good at paying them sufficient attention to recognize them as true polyps.

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  Pay off for both parents and radiologists after pediatric imaging consultation
Health Imaging
Parents of children who undergo diagnostic ultrasound much appreciate face time with the radiologists making the diagnoses.

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Dig deep with data analytics to improve imaging quality
Aunt Minnie
Sure, your radiology department tracks statistics such as report turnaround time and imaging volume. But is that enough?

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  New DNA stain lights up living cells
Health Canal
EPFL scientists have developed a new DNA stain that can be used to image living cells. One of the holy grails of bio-imaging is to visualize the inner workings of a cell while it is still alive.

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Scientists uncover a new layer in visual brain imaging
Health Canal
Neuroscientists have gained new insight into how the brain perceives the world by using high resolution high field MRI to study activity in different layers of the visual cortex in great detail.

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