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Controversial Ads and Fleeting Notoriety — Do They Think We Are That Stupid?
Advertising has reached a new low during this campaign for the Midterm elections. Social Media plays its part in distributing "fake news" and has become a platform for anyone who wants to put the blame somewhere. I really don't "get it". How many people have had their minds influenced or changed by the number of ads on television?

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Congratulations Wilbur L. Reddinger, Jr., MS, RT(R)(CT) and Marilu Kameliski BS RT (R)(M)
Congratulations to Wilbur L. Reddinger, Jr., MS, RT(R)(CT) for achieving recognition on the Top 25 Technologists list from North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society. Wil is the Radiology Administrator Regulatory Specialist at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Wil has taught radiography and CT continuing education courses for Advanced Health Education Center for over 15 years. Prior to 2017, Wil was the Program Director of Radiology and MRI for Southwest University in El Paso, Texas. He has a passion for sharing his expertise with others in the classroom and in the field. We are so proud to share our congratulations with Wil as he receives this well-deserved award.

Congratulations to Marilu Kameliski BS RT (R)(M) for being awarded the 2018 Living Legend Award from North Texas Radiologic Technologist Society.

National Radiologic Technologist & Radiation Safety Week
Our ROCKSTAR RAD TECHS here at Advanced Health Education Center and MedRelief Staffing are celebrating National Rad Tech Week. Our team of Radiology Techs have made significant contributions to the imaging profession and for that we say, THANK YOU!

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NEWSFLASH for Texas Technologist
The Texas Medical Board has mandated all technologists to renew their license and pay their fee every other year to stay licensed and must obtain 24 hours of acceptable CE. As of January 2017 all renewals are in either February or August, biannually. September through February birth months will renew in February of biannually and March through August will renew in August biannually. In-person, instructor-led courses are NOT required at this time.

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Industry News

ASRT Foundation Expands Research Grants
The ASRT Foundation has reaffirmed its commitment to support established and developing researchers with a new, multi-tiered funding structure for research grants. "Our goal is to support and develop the researchers whose new ideas will strengthen the radiologic technology profession," said Steven Hardy, M.S., R.T.(R)(T)(CT), CMD, executive vice president of development and corporate relations department.

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VA Under 3 Investigations Over Report of Rushed, Botched Radiology Scans
Fox News
In 1971 Kirby Williams went to Vietnam as a U.S. Army draftee and worked as a finance clerk. In 2010 he went to a Veterans Affairs clinic in southern Illinois where a radiologist took a scan of his kidneys.

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MRI Helium Leak Really Did Bork iPhones and Apple Watches but There's More to the Story
Hot Hardware
One of the most peculiar tech stories that we have reported on in recent memory had to deal with a helium leak involving a newly installed MRI machine at a medical facility.

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Samsung Medison Univeil New Ultrasound Technologies
Axis Imaging
Samsung Medison, an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, is showcasing its latest HERA W10 ultrasound system, as well as a prototype of a chair-type ultrasound system, HERA I10, at the recent World Congress of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstretics & Gynecology in Singapore.

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Germany Tries 'Serial Killer' Nurse Over Worst Post-War Spree
German nurse Niels Hoegel, already serving a lengthy term for previous killings, will go on trial before anguished relatives over the murders of around 100 people — a spree prosecutors say is unprecedented in the post-war period.

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Gender, Race Shape How Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening Are Addressed
Black women are more likely to be diagnosed at later stages of breast cancer partly due to barriers to timely screening mammography.

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The World's Strongest MRI Machines Are Pushing Human Imaging to New Limits
On a cold morning in Minneapolis last December, a man walked into a research center to venture where only pigs had gone before: into the strongest magnetic resonance imaging machine built to scan the human body.

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Radiology Tip of the Month
Clean Dogs, Dirty Beards
It might be more hygienic to share an MRI scanner with a dog than a bearded man, according to research published in European Radiology. The Swiss-led study set out to discover whether it's hygienic for dogs and humans to use the same scanner. As part of the investigation, researchers collected samples from 18 bearded men and 30 dogs, finding significantly higher bacterial loads is the beards than in the fur.


Can You Correct Fake News? EPA Radiation Rollback Story
Most Doctors Are Ill-Equipped To Deal With The Opioid Epidemic
AHEC/MEDRelief Staffing Celebrates 30 Year Milestone

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