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Bizarre Radiology — Live Event Or Simulcast

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Truth And Consequences — What Would You Do?
Give us your opinion! Advanced Health Education Center is hard at work preparing new material for the 2018 curriculum. Your opinion regarding a case that was recently in the headlines could help us in the development of new course content.

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Industry News

Action Star Chuck Norris Sues Over MRI Chemical He Says Poisoned Wife
The Washington Post
Action star Chuck Norris took on medical device manufacturers in a lawsuit filed in California alleging a chemical used in MRI imaging scans poisoned his wife. Gadolinium that doctors injected into Gena Norris to improve the clarity of her MRIs have left her weak and tired and with debilitating bouts of pain and a burning sensation, the suit filed in San Francisco Superior Court says.

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Rapid MRI For Diagnosing Pediatric Appendicitis
Diagnostic Imaging
Rapid MR imaging is an accurate means of diagnosing pediatric appendicitis when considering multiple diagnostic criteria, according to a study published in Pediatric Radiology.

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Electronic Collimation And Radiation Protection In Paediatric Digital Radiography: Revival Of The Silver Lining
National Center for Biotechnology Information
In digital radiography we are now able to electronically collimate images after acquisition. This may seem convenient in paediatric imaging, but we have to be aware that electronic collimation has two major downsides. Electronic collimation implicates that the original field size should have been smaller and the child has been exposed to unnecessary radiation.

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Medical Practices Still Recovering From Harvey
Houston Chronicle
Dr. Lindsey Jackson couldn't bring herself to visit her office for two and a half weeks after the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, fearful she would be overwhelmed by emotion at the sight of the devastation.

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Mississippi Hospital Will Charge $200 Upfront Fee For Nonurgent ED Visits
Becker's Hospital Review
Starting recently, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport (Miss.) will ask nonurgent patients who present at the hospital's emergency department to visit a walk-in clinic instead. Nonurgent patients who insist on receiving care in the hospital's ED will be required to pay their insurance copay or a $200 deposit toward the cost of their care before receiving treatment.

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Woman Infected With Rare Bacterial Disease On International Flight
Becker's Clinical Leadership & Infection Control
A woman contracted meningococcal disease, a rare bacterial infection, during a 12-hour flight from Japan to Germany, according to research presented recently at IDWeek in San Diego. The woman and her husband flew to Germany Aug. 8, 2015. A few days later, the woman developed a sore throat and cough. Her husband also had a sore throat and mild fever.

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Radiology Fact of the Month

In November 1927, a wealthy industrialist named Eben Byers sustained an injury to his arm during a train ride home from a Harvard-Yale football game. The injury interfered with Byers' golf game and his love life. He visited one doctor after another, but no one could ease his pain. Then, a physician in Pittsburgh suggested he try Radithor, a patent medicine (which consisted of little more than the element radium in a distilled water solution).

Byers took his doctor's advice and began drinking Radithor, a lot of it. He found the water so "invigorating" that he continued drinking it long after his arm stopped hurting. Byers' cure was more likely due to the simple passage of time than to any purported healing effects of radium, but he didn't know that. In addition to downing as many as three bottles of Radithor a day for nearly three years, he sent cases of the stuff to associates and lady friends and urged them to drink it. He even instructed his stable boys to feed Radithor to his horses. Byers kept right on drinking Radithor into the early 1930s, when he began losing weight and suffering aches and pains all over his body. These symptoms were soon followed by blinding headaches and terrible pain in the jaw, but it wasn't until his bones started breaking and his teeth falling out that he realized he was suffering from something much more serious than "inflamed sinuses" as his doctors had diagnosed.

Precisely what was wrong with him didn't become clear until X-rays of his deteriorating jaw were sent to a radiologist in New York. The radiologist was familiar with the case of the "Radium Girls" — factory workers who had died after ingesting the radium in glow-in-the-dark paint while painting watch dials during World War I. The lesions on Byers' jawbone were similar to the ones that the Radium Girls had suffered. When the radiologist learned that Byers had consumed as many as 1,500 bottles of Radithor since 1927, his diagnosis, like Byers' fate, was sealed.

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Harvey Flood Stories — A Story To Warm Your Heart

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