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New Rules and Changes for Texas Medical Board's Renewal and CE Reporting for Medical Radiologic Technologist
TMB's rules for renewal and continuing education for radiologic technologists have changed. Frequent updates are necessary, as changes are not sent to you. As of December 1, 2018, the following explains the most misunderstood parts of the rules.

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Did You Know? Healthcare is the Most Violent Industry Outside of Law Enforcement in the U.S.
Is a hospital not a symbol of security, care, and compassion? Why then is violence towards healthcare workers in hospitals a widespread phenomenon? Violence in healthcare settings seems counter-intuitive to the socially held expectations regarding hospitals and their mission to provide care and comfort to those in need.

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Welcome to Advanced Health Education Center
Advanced Health Education Center is located in Houston, TX and has been a leading provider of continuing education for healthcare professionals in the imaging sciences since 1988. Our mission is to provide you the radiologic technologist, physician, sonographer, nurse, etc. with evidence-based education and training that will increase your knowledge, enhance your competency, and improve patient care.

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Industry News

Chicago Hospital Shooting: Young Cop, Doctor, Pharmacy Resident and Gunman Die in Mercy Hospital Attack
Chicago Tribune
A Chicago police officer and two other people were killed in an attack at a South Side hospital Monday afternoon that sent medical personnel and police scrambling through halls, stairwells and even the nursery in search of victims and the shooter before he was found dead.

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What to DO: X-Rays for Pediatric Abdominal Pain Endanger Vulnerable Patients for Dogma
Emergency Medicine News
The practice of emergency medicine always evolves with new data, reconsidered concepts, and the translation of medical evidence and shared experience to bedside decision-making. With a shrinking world and vibrant educational process, we continually see a narrowing of the gap between academic literature and clinical practice.

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News from RSNA: Playing Youth Football Could Affect Brain Development
Axis Imaging
Young football players may experience a disruption in brain development after a single season of the sport, according to a new study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

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Why Interventional Radiology Societies Are Calling for Expanded Stroke Training
Axis Imaging
In a joint, global position statement, the Society of Interventional Radiology, the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe, and the Interventional Radiology Society of Australasia have committed to providing necessary stroke training to interventional radiologists in order to alleviate the shortage of physicians trained in endovascular stroke therapies.

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Historic Breakthrough: WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Team First to Use Ultrasound to Treat Alzheimer's
World-leading brain experts at West Virginia University's Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute are celebrating the historic breakthrough Alzheimer patients around the globe have been awaiting.

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Is Your Hospital Safe? 5 States With the Safest Hospitals
MD Linx
Have you ever looked around your hospital and wondered how safe it is? How many employees wash their hands before interacting with patients? What procedures are in place to protect your patients against medical errors? Or, is your hospital doing everything it can to fight nosocomial infections?

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Radiology Fact of the Month
Bedside Ultrasound vs POCUS
What's the difference between "point-of-care ultrasound" and "bedside ultrasound"? The terms are closely related, but there is a slight difference between the two.

"Bedside Ultrasound" is an older term that describes the sonographic assessment of patients, usually in a medical facility, at the patient's bedside. The term acknowledges the use of portable ultrasound so that a patient is not inconvenienced by the need to physically move to a radiology suite to be scanned.

"Point-of-Care Ultrasound" is a broader term that encapsulates the many scenarios in which portable ultrasound machines can be used. For instance, a patient may be scanned using portable ultrasound while in an ambulance on the way to an emergency room. Or a patient may be scanned in the trauma bay after being delivered to the hospital emergency room. As such, "point-of-care ultrasound" indicates that portable ultrasound can be transported to wherever the patient is located.


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AHEC/MEDRelief Staffing Celebrates 30 Year Milestone

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