The utility of MRI in the emergency department

The utility of MRI in the emergency department

It is important that providers make the correct choice for imaging when dealing with emergent conditions. MRI is a costly choice, but sometimes the most appropriate to evaluate for specific pathology. It is imperative to weigh the risk and benefits of MRI as compared to other imaging modalities. Also, in many facilities, MRI is only available during...


Emergency Ultrasound Coding And Reimbursement
American College of Emergency Physicians

As ultrasound technology has been incorporated into the practice of emergency medicine, emphasis has appropriately been placed upon ultrasound program development, research and education. Practicing emergency physicians, in both community and academic settings, have become credentialed to perform ultrasound examinations and have integrated essential ultrasound studies into their clinical practice.

$2K Ultrasound Probe For Iphones Gets FDA Nod

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared a portable ultrasound transducer that is based on a semiconductor chip, is designed to work with iPhones, and will sell for around $2,000. The device will make imaging accessible to a much broader audience, according to the company.

Concerns Grow for Anthem MRI/CT Payment Policy

Anthem's recent policy change, which applies a new level of pre-authorization to diagnostic imaging performed in hospital outpatient settings, is drawing more attention from health care observers and the medical community.


They Didn't Get Vaccinated. Now They're Out of Jobs.
NBC News

About 50 employees of Essentia Health, an upper-Midwest hospital chain, didn't go to work Wednesday. But it wasn't an early start to the Thanksgiving holiday for them. They were fired for refusing to get flu shots. It's part of a growing trend for hospitals to require flu shots for workers. Public health experts say it shouldn't be surprising.

News: Insurers Test the Limits Of Prudent Layperson Standard
Emergency Medicine News

"Save the ER for emergencies — or cover the cost." That was the warning in a letter Blue Cross and Blue Shield sent to its members in Georgia earlier this year. "Going to the emergency room (ER) or calling 9-1-1 is always the way to go when it's an emergency. And we've got you covered for those situations," the letter went on.

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