Proposed Standards Revision that Relate to Fluoroscopy and CT Services

Proposed Standards Revision that Relate to Fluoroscopy and CT Services

The Joint Commission is revising standards to better address risks related to the provision of fluoroscopy and CT in the Ambulatory Care, Critical Access Hospital, Hospital, and Office-Based Surgery accreditation programs.


Ultrasound Tip of the Month

For pelvic ultrasounds in the ED on non-OB patients, the CPT code from 2017 to 2018 have changed to include a required measurement of the bladder. If using CPT code 76856 it states "total examination...includes...bladder measurement." Facilities are reporting denials for reimbursement without the measurement.

Advanced Hackers Infect X-Ray Machines in Healthcare Espionage

Yet another hacker crew has been battering the healthcare industry in recent months. But rather than just aim for the PCs, its also gotten footholds on the computers controlling X-Ray, MRI and other medical machines.

Study Shines Light on Alternative Medical Imaging Techniques

With a thin probe and a burst of microwaves, doctors can eradicate cancer cells without opening up a patient for surgery.


New Database Measures Safety of Implantable Devices in MR Imaging
Radiology Business

A streamlined database detailing protocol for scanning patients with a variety of implanted devices could be changing radiologists' efficiency and confidence for the better, according to research out of Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New York.

Sentinel Event Alert 59: Physical and Verbal Violence Against Health Care Workers
The Joint Comission

"I've been bitten, kicked, punched, pushed, pinched, shoved, and spat upon," says Lisa Tenney, RN, of the Maryland Emergency Nurses Association. "I have been bullied and called very ugly names. I've had my life, the life of my unborn child, and of my other family members threatened, requiring security escort to my car."

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