New Expert Consensus Document Provides Best Practice For Radiation Safety

New Expert Consensus Document Provides Best Practice For Radiation Safety

Radiation-based procedures are increasing in frequency with all the associated inherent risks. A new expert consensus document from the American College of Cardiology (ACC), Heart Rhythm Society, North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging, Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions, Society...


Ultrasound Tip of the Month

Central line identification and placement under ultrasound guidance has been extolled with many virtues, but it is not without complications. By using a transverse, or short axis approach to the vein only a portion of the needle is visible at any one time, and the view of the needle tip can be easily lost. This can lead to a misperception of the location of the needle tip and puncture of the posterior wall of the vein. The physician may think that he is visualizing the needle tip on ultrasound, when...

Are temporary doctors less qualified?
Moghim Medical Consulting Inc.

It is only natural to assume that a physician who is only temporary taking the place of a permanent staffer would be less committed to a higher standard of care. After all, a locum tenens replacement has fewer ties to the community and only a limited time to cement relationships with patients.

How AI and deep learning will enable cancer diagnosis via ultrasound

Viksit Kumar didn't know his mother had ovarian cancer until it had reached its third stage, too late for chemotherapy to be effective. She died in a hospital in Mumbai, India, in 2006, but mist have lived years longer if her cancer had been detected earlier. This knowledge ate at the mechanical engineering student, spurring him to choose a different path.


Pain medicine group cancels doctors training about marijuana

A national medical group has abruptly canceled plans to train doctors about marijuana for pain relief after a federal agency pulled its funding. The American Academy of Pain Medicine on Thursday scrubbed plans for next month's online course.

The corruption of Evidence Based Medicine — Killing for profit
Dr. Jason Fung

The idea of Evidence Based Medicine is great. The reality, though, not so much. Human perception is often flawed, so the premise of EBM is to formally study medical treatments and there have certainly been some successes.

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