The utility of MRI in the emergency department

The utility of MRI in the emergency department

It is important that providers make the correct choice for imaging when dealing with emergent conditions. MRI is a costly choice, but sometimes the most appropriate to evaluate for specific pathology. It is imperative to weigh the risk and benefits of MRI as compared to other imaging modalities. Also, in many facilities, MRI is only available during...


Ultrasound Tip of the Month

In doing a FAST exam there are 4 areas that should be investigated in the RUQ: 1. Morrison's pouch, 2. Tip of liver/inferior pole of the kidney, 3. Under the diaphragm and 4. Over the diaphragm. To evaluate for pleural effusion, just look above the diaphragm. When the lung is filled with air it will not transmit the ultrasound beam well and should not visualize the spine in the chest. It is normal to see the spine below the diaphragm in the abdomen. If the spine is visualized about the diaphragm...

Ultrasonic Probe Could Detect Stroke, Brain Damage in Young Babies

If you've ever found yourself in an MRI machine, you know keeping still isn't easy. For newborns, it's nearly impossible. Now, a portable, ultrasonic brain probe about the size of a domino could do similar work, detecting seizures and other abnormal brain activity in real time, according to a new study. It could also monitor growing babies for brain damage that can lead to diseases like cerebral palsy.

The $10 Ultrasound Upgrade
Duke University

Technology that keeps track of how your smartphone is oriented can now give $50,000 ultrasound machines many of the 3-D imaging abilities of their $250,000 counterparts — for the cost of a $10 microchip.


Special Report: Hospitalist, Emergency Physicians, and Cross-Subsidization
Emergency Medicine News

In early November, Memorial Network, which operates two hospitals in the western Illinois towns of Bellevue and Shiloh, announced that it would switch from CEP America to TeamHealth for its emergency department contract. The Belleville News-Democrat reported that Memorial told CEP America that it would not renew its emergency department staffing contract on Nov. 6, and three days later, CEP responded by terminating the hospital's contract for hospitalist...

FDA Authorizes Marketing of First Blood Test To Aid in the Evaluation of Concussion in Adults

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today permitted marketing of the first blood test to evaluate mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), commonly referred to as concussion, in adults. The FDA reviewed and authorized for marketing the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator in fewer than 6 months as part of its Breakthrough Devices Program.

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