The utility of MRI in the emergency department

The utility of MRI in the emergency department

It is important that providers make the correct choice for imaging when dealing with emergent conditions. MRI is a costly choice, but sometimes the most appropriate to evaluate for specific pathology. It is imperative to weigh the risk and benefits of MRI as compared to other imaging modalities. Also, in many facilities, MRI is only available during...


Stay Current With Your Licensure Board Activities
Texas Medical Board

The TMB Bulletins contain rule changes and disciplinary actions as well as timely articles, information about board members, new licenses issued and other helpful information.

Quick-Hit Ultrasound Probe: Water Bath For Distal Extremity Ultrasound

The ancestors of today's ultrasound machines used in the mid-twentieth century were open water-bath scanners. These earliest ultrasound machines involved immersing the human body within a tank made from post-war military surplus materials.

Cardiac Evaluation Using Bedside Ultrasonography

Patients who present to the emergency department commonly report chest pain, shortness of breath, or dyspnea on exertion. They are often tachycardic or even hypotensive. Unfortunately, history and physical examination alone often lack the sensitivity and specificity to accurately diagnose the underlying etiology.


Hospital Staffers Took Photos Of A Patient's Genitals — And The Foreign Object Lodged There
The Washington Post

It seemed like the whole hospital was in the operating room. The crowd had gathered with smartphones in hand, snapping photos and recording video, the object of their fascination a patient's genitals with a foreign object protrusion.

Sentinel Event Alert 58: Inadequate Hand-Off Communication
The Joint Commission

Health care professionals typically take great pride and exert painstaking effort to meet patient needs and provide the best possible care. Unfortunately, too often, this diligence and attentiveness falters when the patient is handed off, or transitioned, to another health care provider for continuing care, treatment or services.

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