Make Friends With Technology Or It Will Destroy You
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Make Friends With Technology Or It Will Destroy You
Surely by now you have become familiar with the role of informatics in health care. If not, you definitely have participated in the practice of creating, storing, finding, manipulating and sharing information.

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Private Tutorials Are About Convenience, Convenience, Convenience. Having Trouble Finding Training And CME Your Way?
Our private Ultrasound tutorials are all about you! Your schedule, your convenience, and learning the skills that you need/want. You tell us what clinical ultrasound specialty is required and we will customize your learning program! You can choose from the dates listed in our store or If you don’t find a date that works for you give us a call. We will do our best to accommodate your date and times.

Private tutorials are open for you to select lecture and/or hands-on training with our Ultrasound experts in the topic of your choice. Once selected, we will determine which faculty member is best suited for the expert help you need. This program was developed by listening to our docs and evaluating your crazy schedules. The following is a list of ultrasound specialties that we can include. If you need to mix it up, we can do that also. There are weekdays and weekend days available.

  • Abdominal or General Ultrasound
  • Gynecology Ultrasound
  • Obstetrics Ultrasound
  • Emergency Medicine Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • Cardiac Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound Guided Procedures
  • MSK ultrasound

  • Private Tutorial Experience

    Gloria from South Texas College in McAllen, Texas attended a private tutorial session with Advanced Health Education Center's faculty to review Carotid Ultrasound on day one and Venous Ultrasound on day two. Gloria is registered in Vascular Ultrasound but hasn't worked in a clinical setting in a few years. She thought our private tutorials were the perfect opportunity to brush up on her skills. Her program currently offers general ultrasound but they are adding a vascular semester in the near future.

    AHEC Makes House Call In Manhattan
    AHEC faculty, Dawn McNeil, MEd, ARDMS made a house call in Manhattan in November at New York Presbyterian Hospital to deliver customized ultrasound training for a group of eight sonographers Actually, two different training goals were achieved for the group. One for breast ultrasound and a different training class for vascular.

    AHEC/Medrelief Staffing Add Physicists To Research Program At The Integrated Research Facility (IRF)
    AHEC/MEDRelief Staffing is the subcontractor for the imaging research team at the IRF in Fort Detrick, MD. Currently there are 7 imaging professionals on the team supporting the research group from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) that is a part of the National Health Institute (NIH). The facility is operated by the Battelle Institute under contract to NIAID. The imaging team has specialists in CT, MRI, PET, and Nuclear Medicine. There are 4 PhD physicists and 3 RT radiographers. The research is centered toward identifying and tracking viral agents and their biological responses. AHEC/MEDRelief has been a subcontractor on this research team since 2007. The research facility is a state of the art, high security BSL3 and BSL4 high containment facility. Much of the research in 2017 was on the Ebola virus. We welcome our new staff members and look forward to a great 2018.

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    Viewpoint: We Are Here To Help All The Lindas
    Emergency Medicine News
    Linda couldn't afford the gallbladder ultrasound her hometown doc recommended. Six months later, she is in my ED. She has cholecystitis, a fever, and an elevated WBC. She can afford even less hospitalization and unscheduled surgery now.

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    Don't Let Shingles Get You The Way It Got Me
    USA Today
    Shingles tried to kill me. Like an insidious invading army, the virus that more commonly causes chickenpox in children attacked the right side of my head, leaving me permanently deaf in my right ear. Shingles almost destroyed my voice box, too, and it caused my right eyelid and lower lip to temporarily droop.

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    Indiana 'Night Nurse' Whose Tweet About White Women Sparked Investigation 'No Longer' With Hospital
    Fox News
    A nurse at one of the largest hospital systems in the nation who sparked an internal investigation after posting a controversial tweet reportedly "is no longer an employee" at Indiana University Health.

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    Non-Radiologist Reads Can Increase Resource Utilization
    Radiology Business
    The growing trend of emergency physicians interpreting ultrasound exams can lead to increased imaging utilization downstream, according to an article published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

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    Ultrasound Tip of the Month
    Studies have shown endocavitary probe cover leakage can be as high as 81 percent with endocavitary ultrasound transducers. Even with disinfection with a HLD (high level disinfectant) some research shows HPV will survive many of the HLD's. If you are still using a LLD (low level disinfectant), it almost guarantees you are giving your patients more than an ultrasound procedure.

    Make Friends With Technology Or It Will Destroy You
    Harvey Flood Stories — A Story To Warm Your Heart

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