It is a given and recorded fact that many items we touch every day, from cell phones to our shoes, have far more germs than our toilets.
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Parents surprised by the 'sports car' in their ultrasound
Scary Mommy (commentary)
It's scary enough going for an ultrasound and getting confirmation that there's an actual human being inside your wife’s belly. I don't know how this couple is handling their news.

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Industry News

  Patients cross contaminated from your dirty iPad/iPhone: Your iPhone's dirtier than a toilet!
It is a given and recorded fact that many items we touch every day, from cell phones to our shoes, have far more germs than our toilets. Most of the germs that cause disease come from items we touch and these items get less cleaning than our toilets.

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Ultrasound Tip of the Month:

Remember to clean your probe between every patient. Whether used externally or internally, there is evidence of increased microbial transmission with all ultrasound transducers. Let’s only give our patients ultrasound, not germs.

AHEC Concludes Successful NRC Courses
We are always proud to deliver Nuclear Regulatory Commission contract courses. Rene Hyder, Warren Moore, M.D. (Seen in photos below with participants from several states, the USAF and the NRC) enjoyed teaching nuclear medicine this week, and touring the Texas Medical Center.

Two of the courses that AHEC sponsors in the Spring are for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Regulatory personnel from multiple states and NRC Headquarters attend a required course in Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine and Brachytherapy, Gamma Knife and Other Medical Uses of Byproduct Materials. A teams of Houston experts are faculty for the training which takes advantage of the healthcare facilities in the Texas Medical Center for tours and demonstrations.

The training goals for the classes are to teach regulators and inspectors the medical sides of the equation when delivering care to patients that require radioactive materials. The training provides the theoretical basis of the technology, the clinical applications, and the “what can go wrong and why” for each class. Training coordination, planning and scheduling is provided by Lisa Mohr, BS, RT R(QM(BD).

AHEC has been under contract to provide this training to the NRC since 2001. The NRC training coordinator is N Jeff Griffis, PhD, Senior Health Physicist, Chattanooga, TN. State personnel from 11 states and one attendee from the United States Air Force were in the Nuclear Medicine training. Three NRC personnel attended.

The Brachytherapy and Gamma Knife had 10 different states sending regulators and 4 NRC participants. The training courses terminate with evaluation both for the participant and the faculty. Participants must take a required exam to demonstrate mastery of the material. Faculty are evaluated as to the success of presenting highly technical materials in a format that is easily understood.

Both classes were highly successful. And now AHEC prepares for the next sessions held in May.

Digital Radiology and Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety Quality Management Initial Training
Michael Zetina came to Houston from Hollywood to teach Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety this weekend to an in-house audience and across the USA via Simulcast. Quality Management Initial Training class of March 2017 taught by Deborah Thames (shown), Lesa Mohr (not shown) and David Clayton (not shown).

  8 things everyone should know about DVT
You've bought anti-DVT socks before a long-haul flight and know you need to move about while on board. But do you actually know what deep vein thrombosis is? Professor Mark Whiteley, consultant vascular surgeon at the Whiteley Clinic, fills us in.

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  Struggles of nation's largest freestanding ER operator a bad omen for once-booming sector
Two years ago, Adeptus stock was trading at over $120/share. Currently, a share costs $2.50. The fall of the nation's preeminent provider of freestanding emergency centers is sending ripples through the once-booming industry, worrying both Wall Street and real estate professionals.

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The speed of sound: To cut or not to cut: Cellulitis or abscess?
Emergency Medicine News
There are thousands of existential questions. To be or not to be? Coke or Pepsi? Crunchy or creamy? But these questions often boil down to just one for emergency physicians in clinical practice: to drain or not to drain?

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