The utility of MRI in the emergency department
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#HOUSTONSTRONG — Houston Is Back Open For Business And So Are We!
We are happy to report that everyone in our AHEC family is safe and surprisingly no one’s house flooded. While we are physically ok and no one lost property or material possessions we are still left with the mental conflict of worrying day and night about family and friends still in affected areas. Some have survivor’s guilt and some are creating plans of action to collect donations to distribute to people still in need, and sadly there are many. While none of us have the notoriety of JJ Watt and ability raise $25+ million we do have a deep desire to help out our fellow Houstonians.

As our business is getting back on track we hope that Hurricane Harvey didn't cause too much of an inconvenience or service interruption for our customers. Two days post Harvey, we had skeleton crews opening the office with intermittent phone and electricity but we smiled our way through the disaster and tried our best not to contribute to the darn cuss jar!

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Burn Out, Real Or Nah?
It’s more likely that we are acutely more aware of the battery life left in our smartphones than we are of the battery life left within ourselves. It’s no surprise that healthcare workers deal with their fair share of high stress and high risk situations, so it should also come as no surprise that we suffer from Burnout Syndrome.

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  Ultrasound Tip of the Month
One of the common deficiencies identified by on-site audits and as cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is improperly sterilized or high level disinfected equipment. This is also a top five non-compliance finding by The Joint Commission (TJC).

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Industry News

Emergency Ultrasound: Identification Of Aortic Dissection Using Limited Bedside Ultrasound
Emergency Medicine
The diagnosis of aortic dissection is often challenging due to its various presentations and the frequent absence of classic findings. This high-morbidity and high-mortality condition may present with nonspecific chest, back, or abdominal pain, and is often associated with hypotension. Point-of-care ultrasound in the ED allows for rapid diagnosis of this time-sensitive disease.

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Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders And Sonography
Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders are painful injuries affecting the muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons of up to 90 percent of sonographers and other users of diagnostic medical sonography. WRMSDs develop gradually over a period of time from repeated exposure to risk factors and are among the most frequently reported cause of restricted or lost work time.

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US Pharma Company Raises Price of Generic Diarrhea Drug By 400 Percent
Global News
Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc's U.S. subsidiary has raised the price of a common diarrhea drug by more than 400 percent and is charging more for five other medicines as well, the Financial Times reported recently. West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, the U.S. division of London-listed Hikma, increased the prices at the start of August by between 75 percent and 430 percent, for a mean of 237 percent, according to figures seen by the Financial Times.

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X-Ray Machine Dropped On Patient — She Died — Florida Law Supports Hospital
Two Daughters
My name is Linda Andrews. My 34-year old daughter, Kayte passed away on March 25, 2017 at Baptist South Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. This is what happened: Kayte had diabetes since age 12. About five years ago she moved to Florida to live with me. She went into kidney failure after coming to Florida and was on dialysis. On March 9, 2017 she went into the emergency room because of severe pains in her side.

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Emergency Medicine Ultrasound eNewsletter

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