The utility of MRI in the emergency department
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What Would You Do? Cussing At Work.
In January we wrote a blog about cussing in the workplace that gained quite a bit of traction with readers and on social media. So we decided to dive a little deeper and what we found was that no matter if you are working in the mail room or an operating suite with physicians or in the boardroom with executives, "cussing" happens.

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Harvey Flood Stories — A Story To Warm Your Heart
In the midst of the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, families and friends are pulling together to put the pieces of their lives back together. People are living minute by minute instead of day by day and struggling with how they can possibly accomplish what they need to do. Here’s where the giving spirit of strangers willing to lend a helping hand comes into play!

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Stay Current With Your Licensure Board Activities
Texas Medical Board
The TMB Bulletins contain rule changes and disciplinary actions as well as timely articles, information about board members, new licenses issued and other helpful information.

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Ultrasound Tip of the Month:

Five Major Applications of Emergency Ultrasound

1. Rapid Assessment of Pregnancy in Distress (RAPID)
    a. Fetal position useful when the patient is in active labor
    b. Evaluate fetal heart
    c. Amniotic fluid
    d. Placenta position useful when the patient is in active labor
2. Cardiac to include heart rate and rhythm, EMD when no pulses are found, and cardiac Tamponade
3. Line placement when finding a vein is difficult. (The paramedic uses ultrasound to assist in finding the vein and guiding needle insertion)
4. FAST scan to identity hemoperitoneum, or hemothorax in trauma cases to assist in decisions regarding rapid fluid replacement via IV.
5. Identification of a pneumothorax, alerting the receiving facility to be aware of this acute life-threatening emergency en-route.

Industry News

FDA Panel Votes To Add Retention Warning To GBCA Labels
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Medical Imaging Drugs Advisory Committee voted overwhelmingly on Friday to recommend that the agency revise prescribing information for MRI gadolinium-based contrast agents to include a warning about gadolinium retention in certain organs and tissue.

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Sentinel Event Alert 58: Inadequate Hand-Off Communication
The Joint Commission
Health care professionals typically take great pride and exert painstaking effort to meet patient needs and provide the best possible care. Unfortunately, too often, this diligence and attentiveness falters when the patient is handed off, or transitioned, to another health care provider for continuing care, treatment or services.

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Hospital Staffers Took Photos Of A Patient's Genitals — And The Foreign Object Lodged There
The Washington Post
It seemed like the whole hospital was in the operating room. The crowd had gathered with smartphones in hand, snapping photos and recording video, the object of their fascination a patient's genitals with a foreign object protrusion.

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Cardiac Evaluation Using Bedside Ultrasonography
Patients who present to the emergency department commonly report chest pain, shortness of breath, or dyspnea on exertion. They are often tachycardic or even hypotensive. Unfortunately, history and physical examination alone often lack the sensitivity and specificity to accurately diagnose the underlying etiology.

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Quick-Hit Ultrasound Probe: Water Bath For Distal Extremity Ultrasound
The ancestors of today's ultrasound machines used in the mid-twentieth century were open water-bath scanners. These earliest ultrasound machines involved immersing the human body within a tank made from post-war military surplus materials.

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Harvey Flood Stories — A Story To Warm Your Heart

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