The utility of MRI in the emergency department
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Truth And Consequences — What Would You Do?
Give us your opinion! Advanced Health Education Center is hard at work preparing new material for the 2018 curriculum. Your opinion regarding a case that was recently in the headlines could help us in the development of new course content.

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Rapid MRI For Diagnosing Pediatric Appendicitis
Diagnostic Imaging
Rapid MR imaging is an accurate means of diagnosing pediatric appendicitis when considering multiple diagnostic criteria, according to a study published in Pediatric Radiology.

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Industry News

Medical practices still recovering from Harvey
Houston Chronicle
Dr. Lindsey Jackson couldn't bring herself to visit her office for two and a half weeks after the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, fearful she would be overwhelmed by emotion at the sight of the devastation.

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Mississippi hospital will charge $200 upfront fee for nonurgent ED visits
Becker's Hospital Review
Starting recently, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport (Miss.) will ask nonurgent patients who present at the hospital's emergency department to visit a walk-in clinic instead. Nonurgent patients who insist on receiving care in the hospital's ED will be required to pay their insurance copay or a $200 deposit toward the cost of their care before receiving treatment.

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Woman infected with rare bacterial disease on international flight
Becker's Clinical Leadership & Infection Control
A woman contracted meningococcal disease, a rare bacterial infection, during a 12-hour flight from Japan to Germany, according to research presented recently at IDWeek in San Diego. The woman and her husband flew to Germany Aug. 8, 2015. A few days later, the woman developed a sore throat and cough. Her husband also had a sore throat and mild fever.

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'Capable' physicians 61% less likely to report significant symptoms of burnout
Becker's Health IT & CIO Review
A single measurement of employees' perceptions of their jobs can predict their performance, according to an athenahealth report. This measure — thought up by Harvard Business School professor Len Schlesinger — is called "employee capability" and it assesses whether the employee feels they have the latitude, resources and support they need to effectively cater to consumers.

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Ultrasound Tip of the Month:

According to the AIUM, up to 90 percent of equipment users of diagnostic medical sonography will develop musculoskeletal disorders as a result of their work. To keep your chances down, follow these simple guidelines.

Real life Guidelines:
    • Never over-abduct your scanning arm
    • Get patient as close to you as possible
    • Rest your feet on the foot rail of your stool
    • If standing to scan, have an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat for support
    • Never coil the transducer cord around your neck
    • Use ergonomic tables and chairs when possible
    • Vary your scan position in long exams
Changing just one item in your routine can decrease the chance of long-term injury!

Harvey Flood Stories — A Story To Warm Your Heart

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