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Emergency Medicine Ultrasound eNewsletter

Welcome to our latest newsletter. The focus of this project is based on the use of ultrasound both prior to arrival as well as within the emergency room setting. Ultrasound has become a standard of care in many facilities and our goal is to help you the clinician keep up with current trends and applications. My name is TJ Zwakenberg BS RVT RDCS RDMS. As faculty and as the Senior Vice President of Education for the Advanced Health Education Center I am looking forward to helping you with this newsletter and in my classes. Any suggestions or comments on how we can make this more useful for you are always appreciated.

Introducing our new Emergency Medicine Ultrasound eNewsletter
Find the class that meets your needs as an Emergency Physician. We offer the following five classes every month, with varying dates so you can find the one perfect for your busy schedule!

Upcoming January Ultrasound Classes
  • 1/6/17 Focused FAST Scan Ultrasound
  • 1/14/17 Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access
  • 1/17/17 Point of Care Ultrasound for Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • 1/18-19/17 Emergency Medicine / Point of Care Ultrasound
  • 1/20/17 Advanced Emergency Medicine / Point of Care Ultrasound

  • When registering, please use Promo Code: GIFT to receive $100 off on any course above. Promo expires January 20.

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    Sound Advice for the Emergency Physician
    Also, check out our reference for performing scans on-the-spot, Sound Advice Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Protocol

    For just $49.95, you can purchase a tool that can easily be carried in your pocket, or hang on your ultrasound unit. Sound Advice was written for Physicians and Sonographers to quickly refresh your memory with step-by-step protocols to complete an organized ultrasound scan of the emergency in front of you. Following the steps in Sound Advice will ensure a standardized examination of consistent, predictable procedures under SAEP quality guidelines.

    *This book is NOT for CME.

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    Industry News

      Emergency doctors use ultrasound to save baby's life
    When most people think of ultrasound technology they think pregnancy and baby, but the old technology is being paired with new ideas to save lives right here in WAVE Country.

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      Emergency ultrasound: Bedside ultrasound for ocular emergencies
    Emergency Medicine
    Since the eye is predominantly composed of fluid, it is the perfect organ for ultrasound evaluation. As shown in a prospective observational study by Blaivas, the use of bedside ultrasound in the ED can assist in the rapid diagnosis.

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    Ultrasound Tip of the Month:

    Not every FAST scan can be done with the patient supine Sometimes, due to shortness of breath or trauma, your patient may be in a semi upright position. Remember, gravity always has the last word and any fluid collection will be best observed in the region behind the bladder or uterus. Fluid collections in this area can be detected as small as 250 cc.

    The speed of sound: A game changer and a lifesaver for sepsis
    Emergency Medicine News
    Ultrasound in diagnosing sepsis up until this point has primarily focused on volume resuscitation. Identifying those who are volume depleted and those who may respond to fluids has been the focus of a number of studies

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    Embracing emergency ultrasound in Andalusia
    Health Management
    Point-of-care ultrasound is playing an increasing role in emergency medicine, providing the tools to help physicians rapidly and efficiently assess a wide range of patients. Dr Alberto Ángel Oviedo García, an emergency medicine specialist at the Hospital de Valme in Seville, has been instrumental in developing the use of POC ultrasound in Andalusia, providing focused training for emergency doctors across the country.

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    Bedside ultrasound better than fluoroscopy for post-op pediatric cardiopulmonary patients
    Health Imaging
    Children recovering from heart surgery in intensive care are better imaged for diaphragmatic paralysis with bedside chest ultrasound than with bedside fluoroscopy, according to a study published online Oct. 28 in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

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      It's time to embrace point-of-care ultrasound
    A young woman presents to Necker hospital in Paris, France, with symptoms that suggest possible cardiac disease. The year is 1816. The patient is assessed by Dr. Rene Laennec. Physical assessment and percussion of the chest reveal little about her condition.

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    Tech doc: Ultrasound changing how physicians diagnose at your bedside
    Lubbock Avalance-Journal
    Ultrasound is a high frequency sound, too high for humans to hear. Medical ultrasound or ultrasonography uses these high frequency sound waves to create images of organs and structures inside the body. Ultrasound images of parts of the body are called sonograms and the procedure is called sonography.

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    AHEC is adding a new thoracentesis training simulator to our sim lab, coming in January

    AHEC is pleased to announce the arrival of a new multimodality GE Voluson in our state of the art scan lab

    Dawn McNeil and Terry Zwakenberg with the latest ultrasound equipment

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    Emergency Medicine Ultrasound eNewsletter

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