Online submission systems: Bane or boon?
By Lynn McCutcheon

Lynn McCutcheon, Ed. D., editor, North American Journal of Psychology writes: "The Oct. 22 issue of The Source, Cabell's biweekly newsletter, contained a piece entitled 'Tracking your manuscript status in journal submission systems.' The piece was well written, and provided advice that was generally helpful to young authors who are submitting their first manuscript to a scientific journal. That said, I would like to take issue with the very first sentence in the article."

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Our renewed journal inclusion criteria

Our renewed journal inclusion criteria

In working to give you only the most reliable journal reports, we've restructured our journal vetting process. In the last few years, the issue of fraudulent or deceptive journals in academic publishing has readily and repeatedly come to forefront of our community’s concerns and discussions.


How publishers can support information professionals in being central to an organization's responsible business strategy
GSE Research and Greenleaf Publishing

Every major business, government and educational organization is seeking to "do something" on the issues of responsible business practice, sustainability and environmental management. This is evidenced by the fact that there are more than 12,000 participants in the United Nations Global Compact worldwide (8,000 of which are commercial businesses), approximately 1,300 investment and financial services companies managing $30 trillion...

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