The Responsible Fashion Company: Integrating ethics and aesthetics in the value chain

The Responsible Fashion Company: Integrating ethics and aesthetics in the value chain

We are currently witnessing a transition period in fashion: we can say goodbye to the great certainties of ideologies, linear development and the Enlightenment faith in progress, and welcome a new era of complexity, uncertainty and systematic doubt. We are now in the so-called era of "liquid modernity."...


IGI Global's free journal article for April

The Ethics of Neuroenhancement: Smart Drugs, Competition and Society Can Smart Drugs Enhance Brain Power? Recent studies show that "smart drugs" are becoming increasingly popular among today's academics and researchers, raising the important question as to whether cognitive enhancement is morally objectionable.

Defining a new approach towards the base of the pyramid
Adapted from Stuart L. Hart's prologue to Base of the Pyramid 3.0

Since the original publication of my article with C.K. Prahalad, "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid," in 2002, the theory and practice of bottom (base) of the pyramid business has taken off. Thousands of new corporate initiatives, start-up ventures, development institution programs and innovative investment funds focused on social impact have exploded onto the scene.

Cabell's to launch new web interface in May

If you haven't heard, Cabell's has been in the process of designing and implementing a new way for subscribers to get the journal information that they need. For the last several months, Cabell's has been working to evolve our service for the user. We recently reworked our journal inclusion criterion, began a reevaluation of selection policies and are getting prepared to give you a more powerful, more user-friendly and more accessible Cabell's.


Preparing for conferences
Gradhacker via Inside Higher Ed

Conferences are absolutely essential to networking, intellectual growth, and professional development. They give you an opportunity to meet your heroes in a venue that invites you to interact with them and get your foot in the door for future opportunities.

Version control: Or, what does it mean to 'publish?'
The Scholarly Kitchen

The Oxford English Dictionary's overarching definition of the transitive verb "publish" is "to make public." An early use, dating to 1382 is "to prepare and issue copies of (a book, newspaper, piece of music, etc.)." This is probably how most publishers think of the term: public distribution of a text.

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