2014 Charleston Conference

Cabell's will be attending the 2014 Charleston Conference from Nov. 4–8. On Nov. 8, we will be giving a Charleston Premier Presentation about the advancements in journal quality metrics at the Carolina Ballroom in the Francis Marion Hotel. Check out the schedule here.

Responsible leadership: Does the United Nations Global Compact make a difference?

The United Nations Global Compacti initiative has more than 8,000 registered participants employing some 50 million people worldwide. If all of these signatories work hard at the sometimes difficult job of implementing the Global Compact's Ten Principlesii in their day-to-day operation — in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption — much progress can be achieved and the lives of many made better.

Quality and relevance: A matrix model for thinking about scholarly books and libraries
The Scholarly Kitchen

Rick Anderson writes: "In the ongoing conversation about the current and future health of the marketplace for scholarly monographs, there tends to be a lot of discussion around the issue of quality. This is understandable. Quality is a very comfortable topic for all concerned, since (with relatively few exceptions) scholarly books don't generally get all the way through the editorial gauntlet of serious publishers unless they're works of pretty high...


Find some support from an academic writing broker

It’s hard when you first start out writing papers for journals. There are lots of decisions to make – Which journal? What topic will the editors be interested in? What style should the paper adopt? What will reviewers do? In their book on academic writing in the English language, Teresa Lillis and Mary Jane Curry suggest that it’s helpful for people who are unsure of the answers to these questions to seek out literacy brokers.

4 tips for balancing parenting and PhD
Inside Higher Ed

Matt Duvall writes: "In the fall of 2013, I began a Ph.D. program focusing on educational technology. I left a glamorous, highly-paid job as a high school teacher in order to pursue my dream of living virtually penniless while achieving a doctoral degree."

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