Coping with new technology: Medieval help desk
The Scholarly Kitchen

David Crotty writes: "A few weeks back we posted a video of Ikea's new breakthrough in reading technology, the 'bookbook.' One of our commenters (along with Daring Fireball's John Gruber) pointed out the connection to this now classic Norwegian comedy sketch, showing that every new technology has support problems with early adopters."

Principles for Responsible Management Education; what it is, why it's valuable, how to register and how to stay registered
GSE Research and Greenleaf Publishing

Signing up to the Principles for Responsible Management Education is the clearest way a business school can demonstrate that it supports and practices sustainable behaviour, responsible leadership, and good business practice. That's increasingly expected by students, regulators, staff, and wider society including corporate clients and sponsors, and is increasingly a part of reporting and disclosure. The world's leading accreditation...

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Dealing with PhD stress the right way: Advice from 3 PhD graduates

Ryan writes: "When I think back to the PhD, I think about the physical and emotional stress that I had to go through, especially the final months leading up to the defense. PhD stress is not something that should be ignored."

Should doctoral researchers blog?

For a start, whether to blog or not depends what you are hoping to achieve. Maybe you are thinking about an individual blog, something you create yourself on one of the standard platforms like Blogger, WordPress or Medium — and if you are, here's some possible reasons and some things to consider.

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