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Winter Window Woes: How to Spot and Fix Issues

It's the middle of winter, which means the cold weather has been freezing our houses for a while. In addition to all of the other maintenance you've probably done on your home to get ready for the season, it is essential that you put forth the same amount of care to your windows, too. Taking the time to spot (and properly fix) small issues today will save you a world of trouble as time goes on.


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Please inspect your boxes before signing for them. When you sign for an order without noting obvious damage to the boxes, you are giving the freight carrier a "get out of jail free" card. They may not honor a claim, even if it is obvious that they were at fault. We had a situation where a good customer was busy and signed for the packages without checking for damage. Ten minutes later, they noticed the damage, took pictures, and emailed us, but the carrier denied the claim because they had "signed clear" the document. We will fight for you and for what is right. Please don't sign clear without inspecting! That is our only enforcement tool.

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  Making Windows Weathertight
This Old House
When Kevin O’Connor, the host of This Old House, renovated his 1894 Queen Anne, he never once considered replacing its original double-hung windows with modern ones. “It would kill me to put new windows in this house,” he says. For one thing, the handcrafted sash and blown-glass panes would be costly to replace—as much as $1,000 apiece—and substituting anything less would destroy much of the old place’s charm. Still, he was dismayed by how much air leaked in during the winter, even with outside storm windows in place.


How to Install Wall Frame Molding
Better Homes & Gardens
Wall frames are a traditional design element commonly found in Georgian and neoclassical settings. However, they can be right at home in virtually any style—even a house that's decidedly modern. The frames are a purely decorative element that breaks up expanses of wall and add architectural interest. Popular locations include an entry, a hallway, a stairway, a living room, or a dining room.


  What You Must Know Before Starting Your Next Remodel
Have you been looking at your kitchen and thinking it could use an update? Maybe your bathroom is simply too small for your family. Whatever you might want to change, you can do so with a remodel! If you’re getting ready to start a remodel, it’s likely you’re doing a lot of research on what your dream room will be. However, there’s plenty of other information about the remodel process that a homeowner must consider.


6 Chilling Facts About Icicles That All Homeowners Should Know
House Logic
Those beautiful, shiny icicles hanging from your roof are not cool. They’re a really, really bad sign that you may have an ice dam — a ridge of ice along the edge of your roof that can damage your house and your wallet. But don’t freak out. Just be in the know about these six things, and you can save your budget from hypothermia this winter.


  Here Are The 2018 Home Decor Trends On Our Radar
Huffington Post
It’s already end of year, but if you’re still pining over many of 2017′s home decor fads ― like minimalism, shibori prints, maximalism, and mud cloth ― 2018′s home decor trends aren’t far removed. To get a finger on the pulse of what home decor trends we should expect to see next year, we spoke to Maureen Baker, an associate at Mancini Duffy, a full-service design firm specializing in architecture, planning, and interior design.


With Broadleaf™, elegance is by design. When technology and engineering meet in perfect harmony, great products are produced.

Broadleaf™ shutters are a beautifully engineered from a moisture resistant, antimicrobial, and fire retardant wood substitute, so they'll last a lifetime. Get the beauty, character, and elegant feel of real wood blended with the strength, stability, and precision of man-made materials.


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Elegant Shutters are backed by a consumer assurance guarantee that covers damage for any reason to the original purchaser, for two instances per order (Finish is covered for the life of the product, but colorfastness is only covered for three years.). Don't worry! After the two repairs have been performed, your shutters are still covered under our transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers original defects in materials or workmanship. Both warranties are both activated upon the products being properly installed and accepted by the consumer. Repair and replacement will be at the sole discretion of Elegant Shutters.


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