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Upgrading Windows and Shutters
After Purchasing a Home

Buying a home means a lot of choices when it comes to decor and functionality. You want your home to look stylish, but you also want comfort and versatility. Your first few months in your new home will help you decide how to proceed when it comes to upgrading your windows and shutters.


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Please inspect your boxes before signing for them. When you sign for an order without noting obvious damage to the boxes, you are giving the freight carrier a "get out of jail free" card. They may not honor a claim, even if it is obvious that they were at fault. We had a situation where a good customer was busy and signed for the packages without checking for damage. Ten minutes later, they noticed the damage, took pictures, and emailed us, but the carrier denied the claim because they had "signed clear" the document. We will fight for you and for what is right. Please don't sign clear without inspecting! That is our only enforcement tool.

Thank you!

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Bathtub dimensions can vary. Before you buy, check the dimensions of a new tub so that it will fit in the same spot as the old one. Another consideration with very large tubs is whether you will be able to maneuver it through your home to the bathroom.


Window Seats 101: Design Ideas and How to Determine the Best Style for Your House
Window seats are an interior design win-win: They add both style and functionality to your home. This architectural feature can work in just about any area of the house, from the kitchen to bedrooms.


  Are Stainless-Steel Countertops Right for Your Home? Advantages, Cost, and Care
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Cozy Updates Under $500: Affordable Ways to Make Your Home a Winter Haven
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It may be cold and gray outside, but inside, the forecast is snug and bright. What better time to turn your home into a warm and welcoming den than during the chilly winter months? With just a little investment and some ingenuity, you can bring a distinctive, winter-friendly look into your home.


  So You Chose Hardwood Floors
One of the most popular and attractive flooring options in the home is hardwood. Unlike some of its competitors, there are a plethora of hardwood flooring types to choose from, ranging from pine and oak to maple and cherry. Needless to say, each wood flooring type offers a unique set of characteristics that separates itself from other hardwoods.


With Chelsea™, you are getting the classic beauty of wood.

Chelsea™ wood shutters offers the highest quality, beauty, and elegance to any room in your home. Complementing any decor from traditional, classic, or contemporary, Chelsea™ shutters provides light control, energy efficiency, and durability. Choose from a large selection of paints or stains and cover any window of any shape and size. Chelsea™ wood shutters will help increase the resale value of your home along with insulating better than any other window treatment.


We've got you covered!

Elegant Shutters are backed by a consumer assurance guarantee that covers damage for any reason to the original purchaser, for two instances per order (Finish is covered for the life of the product, but colorfastness is only covered for three years.). Don't worry! After the two repairs have been performed, your shutters are still covered under our transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers original defects in materials or workmanship. Both warranties are both activated upon the products being properly installed and accepted by the consumer. Repair and replacement will be at the sole discretion of Elegant Shutters.


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