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A History of Plantation Shutters

The grace, beauty, practical function, and versatility of plantation shutters came about as a refinement of original window shutters first found in ancient Greece, made from stone or marble. This tried-and-true window covering and home design element has endured and improved with time and remains popular today. Plantation shutters are perhaps the most stylish and practical of current shutter or window blind designs, adding practical advantages and distinctive style to a wide variety of home styles.


  Fix Noisy, Rattling, Energy-Sucking Windows for Good
Do your friends nominate your house for the Halloween bash every year because your rattling windows with their billowing curtains add that just-right eerie feel they want for their creepy celebration? Maybe that’s fine for fall, but when winter temps set in, those rattling, drafty windows will bug you to no end, as well as hike your heating bill beyond your comfort zone. Best to get rid of that headache now.


7 Best Home Improvement Ideas to Try This Fall: Have You Done Them All?
Sometimes, the very best home improvement ideas come down to timing. And what better time for a refresh than the arrival of fall? In addition to being a great season to go apple picking and admire the foliage, it's also the perfect time of year for making a number of home improvements.


  Backyard Fireplace Ideas To Warm Up
From DIY to a large professional installation, a backyard fireplace will be the welcoming addition you soon can't live without. Dreaming of a warm, cozy fire to relax by? Here are a few backyard fireplace ideas to inspire your project!


Incorporating Character into a Flip
"As a house flipper,” Anita Corsini of Flip or Flop Atlanta says, “you get to experience it all, everything from modern homes, homes built in the 1900s, Craftsman-style houses, simple brick ranches, cottages, you name it—it keeps you on your toes.”


With Chelsea™, you are getting the classic beauty of wood.

Chelsea™ wood shutters offers the highest quality, beauty, and elegance to any room in your home. Complementing any decor from traditional, classic, or contemporary, Chelsea™ shutters provides light control, energy efficiency, and durability. Choose from a large selection of paints or stains and cover any window of any shape and size. Chelsea™ wood shutters will help increase the resale value of your home along with insulating better than any other window treatment.


We've got you covered!

Elegant Shutters are backed by a consumer assurance guarantee that covers damage for any reason to the original purchaser, for two instances per order (Finish is covered for the life of the product, but colorfastness is only covered for three years.). Don't worry! After the two repairs have been performed, your shutters are still covered under our transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers original defects in materials or workmanship. Both warranties are both activated upon the products being properly installed and accepted by the consumer. Repair and replacement will be at the sole discretion of Elegant Shutters.


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