Choosing the best sink for your gourmet kitchen

There are ‘kitchens’ and then there are ‘gourmet kitchens’ and for anyone who loves to cook and work in this area it is important to have all the right accessories for enjoying a smooth and effective experience.

If you have ever watched cooking shows then you understand how particular chefs can be about their equipment, tools, cleanliness and layout. This is because a professional kitchen operates like a machine with every individual at their station with easy access to the accessories they need to accomplish the designated task. A home kitchen is no different although the impacts of an inefficient setup are less noticeable except to the cook but creating a quality gourmet kitchen can be very simple when you know what it needs to include.

Home cooks know what they want for ovens and refrigerators but the kitchen sink is often undervalued for its contribution up until the point it becomes a critical element. This tool is used to rinse and wash food and dishes, dispose of waste and acts as a repository for cleaning agents when it comes time to clean up the mess. Having the right size, shape and material in this accessory affects the overall operation and experience in your kitchen but once you understand the differences then shopping becomes an easy task. Make sure that you are working with a reliable vendor that distributes quality products made to last and meet customer expectations.

You can find sinks in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, composite granite, copper, enamel and even fireclay but there are differences and unique pros and cons to each item. Some require more maintenance than others and are only available in specific designs because of their manufacturer. Stainless steel is by far the most popular option because of its durability and design flexibility while fireclay is more unusual but can enhance a kitchen area just as much.

One of the biggest designs differences is the under mount v/s top mount and the apron front v/s the set-in. The under mount allows for easier cleanup because there is no lip between the counter and the sink so food and waste can be wiped directly into the sink whereas the top mount can accumulate dirt and grime faster. The apron front is more of a fashion statement than a functional addition because it displays the front part of the sink instead of the set-in which has the counter/cabinet face that everyone is used to seeing and it only has a single sink option. Whether you choose this design in stainless steel or find fire clay sink it will definitely stand apart from the competition ensuring that you have a sink that is both useful and a conversation starter. The faucet, spray handle and hot/cold instruments are separate from the actual sink bowl itself so you can choose from the options to accessorize your kitchen the way you want.

Having a gourmet kitchen in your home takes planning to implement but it can significantly help improve your cooking process and add resale value to the home for the future. While it is important to have the ‘major players’ in the kitchen, the details such as the sink and its accessories are just as necessary to guarantee that you can put together a 5-star meal for friends and family in the comfort of your own home.

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