IoT is coming to a warehouse near you

IoT is coming to a warehouse near you

It's beyond debate that the smartphone is profoundly transforming many industries and creating new opportunities such as the Internet of Things. The impact of mobile technologies goes beyond consumer segments such as wearables, virtual reality or connected cameras. A new breed of industrial devices is now built on smartphone innovations.


Analytics and robotics to bring next big leap in warehousing

Logistics and warehousing companies in the country are now set to get into the next level of technological automation. Implementation of the Goods & Service Tax in the country will now bring in consolidation, with a hub and spoke model of operation. Such large warehouses will give a fillip to the adoption of tech based solutions and innovations in the warehousing and logistics industry, as it is now more commercially feasible.

mission statement

Lansdale Warehouse is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. The Lansdale Warehouse Company provides premier warehouse and distribution services in a safe and secure environment for customers' goods at a reasonable cost. Our "quality management" atmosphere engenders an entrepreneurial attitude that ultimately translates into "100% customer satisfaction through a 'zero defectives' process." Continuous improvement attitudes ensure dependable customer service. Employee participation,...

Top tips to build a robust supply chain
Supply Chain Digital

All businesses need to ensure its goods and services are procured at the lowest cost and meet the company's needs in terms of timely delivery, quantity, quality and location.


Amazon vs. Walmart shaping up like Mayweather vs. McGregor
By Shawn Smajstrla

As Amazon continues to enter and disrupt new markets (e.g., medical records and meal kits), its grip on retail appears ever-tightening. The collective sector faces the lingering question: Can anyone compete with Amazon?

Lift truck operators: Drivers of change
Modern Materials Handling

For all the advances in lift truck technology and fleet management, operators will always be the heart and soul of a fleet. As manufacturers and equipment purchasers place more value on that piece, the role of the operator extends from design to daily use.

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