Ecommerce: Dramatic Changes in Warehousing and Distribution

Ecommerce: Dramatic Changes in Warehousing and Distribution

Ecommerce is driving retailers to rethink their strategies from the ground up. Gone are the days when all products were distributed in bulk, with cases or containers of goods being picked, packed, shipped, and transported. Now single items must be picked and packed then shipped in small volumes or as individual pieces. This translates into dramatic...


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Lansdale Warehouse is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. The Lansdale Warehouse Company provides premier warehouse and distribution services in a safe and secure environment for customers' goods at a reasonable cost. Our "quality management" atmosphere engenders an entrepreneurial attitude that ultimately translates into "100% customer satisfaction through a 'zero defectives' process." Continuous improvement attitudes ensure dependable customer service. Employee participation,...

5 tips to manage warehouses with few complications
Sustainable Business Forum

The public warehousing in storage industry is huge. As of 2016, there were about 4500 warehouse companies throughout the country. The estimated revenue of the entire industry is about $20 billion a year. While the industry is growing and offers tremendous job security to managers, it can also be very hectic. Warehouse managers are struggling to handle their growing workloads, even as their team sizes remain about the same.

Amazon aiming for Target? More disruption coming in grocery retail
By Bambi Majumdar

Leave it to Amazon to make waves right as we step into 2018 — even when they are not the direct source of the news. Tech analyst Gene Munster predicts that Amazon will buy Target this year. The prediction immediately led Target's flagging shares to rise.


Supply chain negotiations during inflationary contexts
By Pablo Scaffidi

Inflation can be a huge challenge for supply chain managers whenever we have to face complex negotiations. In this scenario, negotiations turn into a difficult, drawn-out process in which companies and suppliers try to set convenient positions based on estimations or speculations related to the upcoming uncertainty.

Automated Storage: How to grow operations? Make them smaller
Modern Materials Handling

Whether business-to-business, business-to-consumer or both, few companies have seamlessly adapted to the e-commerce boom. The exponential increase in the need for speed and accuracy have prompted many to toss out decades-old habits and assumptions about warehousing and distribution operations.

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