Disruptive innovation: The new normal in warehouse management

Disruptive innovation: The new normal in warehouse management

The phrase "disruptive innovation" was invented by Clayton M. Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School. The term describes a new market and value network that eventually disrupts an existing market.


mission statement

Lansdale Warehouse is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. The Lansdale Warehouse Company provides premier warehouse and distribution services in a safe and secure environment for customers' goods at a reasonable cost. Our "quality management" atmosphere engenders an entrepreneurial attitude that ultimately translates into "100% customer satisfaction through a 'zero defectives' process." Continuous improvement attitudes ensure dependable customer service. Employee participation,...

6 steps for a safer workplace
Reliable Plant

A well-designed and implemented workplace safety program has benefits far beyond a reduction in injuries. With fewer injuries comes fewer worker's compensation claims, meaning less paperwork and lower insurance premiums. Morale also improves in a safe environment, and production increases.

How to improve traceability in the supply chain
Reliable Plant

In 2017, the Food Standards Agency discovered that more than 700,000 contaminated eggs from Dutch and Belgian farms were distributed to the United Kingdom. The final destination of each egg was unclear, so thousands of salads, sandwiches and other meals containing egg were recalled from supermarkets.


WERC: Warehousing a nation
Supply Chain Digital

Hanging from the ceiling of Intermountain Healthcare's Utah facility are bright banners with photos of patients, doctors and nurses. Among the towering shelves, pallets and forklifts, one of them reads, "Patient-centered." It might seem incongruous, but it's demonstrative of the company’s commitment to its core function: helping people live the healthiest lives possible.

Does the transportation industry need federal sleep apnea laws?
By Ryan Clark

Recently, Democratic lawmakers from New York and New Jersey proposed legislation that would force federal transportation officials to implement a rule that would require mass transit operators to be tested for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This move follows the NTSB's findings that a deadly 2013 passenger rail crash was the result of an engineer with an undiagnosed case of the condition, falling asleep at the wheel.

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