On-demand warehousing prepares for takeoff

What could KFC and Exploding Kittens possibly have in common? On-demand warehousing, of course. As different as their circumstances and products might be, both companies have used on-demand warehousing to fill a short-term need. If you haven't heard of on-demand warehousing, you're not alone. It is a nascent concept with plenty of promise to become a full-fledged industry segment.


Don't be that guy
MultiBriefs Exclusive

Here are 10 performances and behaviors to avoid, unless you want to become "that guy." Many a promising career has been unintentionally cut short because of one of these mistakes that never should have been committed in the first place.

DHL turns to robots to equip US warehouses for e-commerce
Material Handling & Logistics

Worldwide delivery service DHL is deploying artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and product-picking robots at its warehouses in North America to help handle the surge in e-commerce demand. The U.S. unit of Deutsche Post AG will spend $300 million on its plan to equip 350 of its 430 facilities with new technology.

Research: Winning retailers separate themselves with efficient supply chain management
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

A study conducted by Retail Systems Research and sponsored by Symphony RetailAI shows enhanced supply chain efficiencies by retailers from previous years, but clear room for improvement in fulfillment strategies, demand forecasting and inventory accuracy and visibility.


The common pitfalls of demand planning
Supply Chain Management Review

Effective demand management is critical to the financial performance and health of an organization. Demand management is boundary spanning and, as such, needs to be independent of the functional management organization. Let's take a look at the four most common pitfalls of demand planning.

How to adapt an aging warehouse
Inbound Logistics

When the time arrives to consider investing in additional space, many distribution centers, retailers and businesses dependent on warehouses face a dilemma: Should the organization move to a new facility, build an addition or try to retrofit an older warehouse? And, in the case of a retrofit or addition, what can be done to make an aging or existing warehouse space more suitable?

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