The state of voice technology in warehousing today

The state of voice technology in warehousing today

Voice technology has already been used in warehousing operations for several decades, but only recently has it really gained steam. In July 2015, a Honeywell survey of hundreds of 263 distribution center IT decision makers at companies with at least 500 employees across the U.S., U.K., Germany and France showed that 87 percent of U.S. respondents...


Seven tips for extending the life of logistics assets
Modern Materials Handling

In sports, it is often said that the best offense is a good defense. That can be as true in warehousing and distribution as on the athletic field. Here are seven things that can help optimize the contribution of your warehouse and distribution center to your company's success in this increasingly tightening global logistics market.

mission statement

Lansdale Warehouse is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. The Lansdale Warehouse Company provides premier warehouse and distribution services in a safe and secure environment for customers' goods at a reasonable cost. Our "quality management" atmosphere engenders an entrepreneurial attitude that ultimately translates into "100% customer satisfaction through a 'zero defectives' process." Continuous improvement attitudes ensure dependable customer service. Employee participation,...

Materials Handling ergonomics: Minimize the strain
Modern Materials Handling

In the past decade, the average manual materials handler has gotten older, heavier and harder to hire and retain. Pair that with the rising costs of workers’ compensation insurance and global pressures to increase productivity, and manufacturers, warehouses and distribution center managers are taking a much closer look at improving ergonomics in their operations.


Conquering the last mile: Walmart, Amazon embrace the unusual
By Delany Martinez

One of the largest problems stumping efficiency and profitability experts is arguably the most difficult: getting goods through the gauntlet of the "last mile" — the final leg of a product's transportation journey before it lands with the customer.

What US metro regions are driving the most job growth from manufacturing?
Supply Chain Digest

As SCDigest has noted for some time, U.S. manufacturing is a mixed bag right now. For example, the monthly manufacturing output index from the Federal Reserve came in at a level of 103.3 in May. That means manufacturing output in the month was just 3.3 percent above the average in the baseline year of 2012, indicating annual growth of well less than one percent since then.

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