Officers, off-duty firefighter rescue elderly woman from burning home in Holbrook

Officers, off-duty firefighter rescue elderly woman from burning home in Holbrook

A group of first responders came to the rescue when they saved a woman from a fire on Long Island. Suffolk County Police Sergeant Charles Kelleher, Officer Krystin Reinhart and off-duty firefighter Brendan Smith of the Holtsville Fire Department responded to a report of a house fire on Dover Court in Holbrook.


Firefighter leaves in the middle of his own wedding to fight nearby fire

Few couples have started their marriage with a trial by fire like the one that fell upon Jeremy and Krista Bourasa. On their wedding day earlier this month, the firefighter groom took leave from one of the best days of his life to go help a family experiencing one of their worst.

Father-daughter duo donates $44 million ranch for university veterinary students
Good News Network

A compassionate father-daughter duo has donated a $44 million cattle farm to a school for veterinary medicine in order to offer students a unique resource to learn about animal medicine, ethical farming, and sustainable agriculture. 90-year-old Jack Anderson and his daughter Wynne Chisholm have been managing W.A. Ranches since 2005 when the senior turned away from his work in the gas and oil field.

75-year-old volunteer visits animal shelter every day and naps with cats

A man in Wisconsin has turned snoozing into a charitable act. Terry Lauerman, 75, goes to his local animal shelter in Green Bay every day and takes naps with its cats. Though, that's not quite his intention. According to Elizabeth Feldhausen, the founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, Lauerman strolled into the shelter about six months ago with a simple dream and a cat brush in tow.


Indonesian teenager spends 49 days adrift at sea in fishing hut, his tears turning to joy with rescue
Good News Network

A 19-year-old boy has finally been rescued from the ocean after he spent 49 days adrift at sea in a small fishing hut. Aldi Novel Adilang works as a lamplighter on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Back in mid-July, the young man had been fulfilling his job of maintaining the lights aboard a floating fishing trap called a "rompong". Designed similarly to a small hut, the rompong has no paddles or engines of any kind. It floats on the ocean's surface and uses lights to lure in fish.

Texas boy speaks clearly for 1st time after dentist discovered he was tongue-tied
The New York Times

For years, parents of a Texas boy believed he was mostly nonverbal because of a brain aneurysm he had when he was 10 days old. The boy, Mason Motz, 6, of Katy, Texas, started going to speech therapy when he was 1. In addition to his difficulties speaking, he was given a diagnosis of Sotos syndrome, a disorder that can cause learning disabilities or delayed development, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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