Burn Me Like a Forest Fire

Burn Me Like a Forest Fire

It is scientific fact that some forests just have to burn. In North America’s dry, western forests, regular fires are necessary and preventative.


Why our first responders are so burned out

Prolonged empathy — while commonly believed to enhance one's health, relationships, and sense of purpose — can in fact take a toll on those working in the helping professions.

Police officers mow lawn of disabled veteran
Fox News

A pair of Texas police officers are being recognized for their good deed after a neighbor snapped a few photos of them mowing the lawn of a disabled veteran.

First responders perform water rescue to save man trapped under bridge during storm
The Lufkin News

Battalion Chief Steve McCool of the Lufkin Fire Department said firefighters train for such an eventuality. In this case, the training paid off as they successfully rescued the trapped man.


Dog returns after spending 9 months lost in mountains
Palm Beach Post

Mo had survived one of the area’s most chilling snow falls in nearly a century while in some of the land’s most treacherous territory. No easy task for a young dog, let alone an older, deaf one.

Beachgoers form a human chain to save a family trapped in a rip current

A family stuck in a rip current narrowly avoided a tragedy when a crowd of strangers linked together to bring them back to land.

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