November 2018

by Charles Pappas
Everything Old is New Again
Some things never change — especially when we're talking about exhibiting. The cyclical nature of what we consider effective exhibiting changes the focus, but few elements will always stand out: Big demonstrations, large or small-scaled props and a hyperfocus on the process.

The Internet of Things and Your Next Trade Show

The Internet of Things is keeping our homes climate controlled with precision, turning on our lights with a simple phrase and sending you push notifications when someone is at your door. But what does it mean for your next big show?

Smart Meetings
9 Ways to Beat Fatigue in the New Year

2018. New year, new you — right? So the last thing you want to do is fall into the same pitfalls of fatigue and overall low energy. Get your eating habits right, move a little more and start this year off putting yourself in the best position possible for success.

Five Steps to Lead-Qualifying Success

Being able to read who's a potential lead is easier said than done so how do you quantify who's a "primo prospect" from a "giveaway glutton?" Four industry experts share their thoughts on how to develop and ask the right questions that give you the best chance of cultivating solid clients.

CES 2018: Trade Show to Launch Safety and Alerting App Amid Other New Security Measures

Security concerns are in the forefront for CES 2018 organizers as the large tech event launches a new app that provides info on events, exhibitors and conference sessions while acting as a functioning safety app for attendees to report tips and contact security as well.

Successful Meetings
Study: Trade Show Attendees Seek Accessible Destinations

As an exhibitor, there's no place you wouldn't travel to drum up new business, but a new study shows that trade show attendees don't necessarily think the same way. The research shows that attendees are more likely to attend when they take place in destinations with good accessibility and an attractive leisure environment.

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