November 2018

How Do You Measure the Event ROI of a Business Party?
A lot of detail goes into staging an off-site event for your trade show exhibit or conference. When you're painstakingly planning every little detail, it's easy to forget at some point you'll get asked whether it was worth it. We sat down with an expert who offered up four questions you can ask yourself when planning these "ancillary events."

It's Not Enough to Just Reach New Attendees. You Have to Woo Them

Let's face it, our target audience is getting younger. Millennials are starting to transition from standing on the sidelines to making decisions, and we have to learn how to get them on our side. Luckily we've got some tips on how to woo the younger generation and convert them into loyal customers.

Event Marketer
Hot Wheels Activates a Multi-Generational Strategy at The Canadian Auto Show

Who doesn't love bringing out their inner child? This event is sure to win over everyone. B-to-C events are a special breed as MC² Consumer Events group knows so well. There has to be a lot going on to capture — and keep — the attention of anyone who passes by.

Check out this case study from Event Marketer that includes reaching the under 10 set.

Smart Meetings
Attendee Etiquette 101: Tips to Enhance Your Experience

If it looks like your attendees are flying through your conference on autopilot, it's time to do an attendee check-up. You can put these tips to good use at your conference to gently remind attendees to be present and respectful.

Meetings Net
Survey Says GDPR Still a Mystery to Majority of Meeting Planners

Raise your hand if you know what "GDPR" stands for. Not you? Don't worry, you're not alone. Over 62 percent of professionals don't either — and GDPR is one of the most important changes taking over the events industry in Europe. This infographic offers up some valuable compliance information on the GDPR. There's also a handy quick-start guide from

Event Manager Blog
19 Corporate Event Entertainment and Experiences

Don't even try to imagine your boss climbing a rock wall at your company's corporate event — but do imagine 18 other ways you can put the spark in the corporate event entertainment and experiences you've been tasked to manage. What's our favorite? With an aerial photo booth, visitors stretch out on a platform and an overhead camera makes it seem like they're floating.

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