November 2018

Working With Creatives: A Reading List
Having the right creative visuals can make or break a trade show. But sometimes, we struggle staying on the same page with our creative-minded partners. How can we make sure that we are fostering an environment that caters to the creative team's needs? Here's a list of resources that shed light on tactics that will help them deliver their best to your event.

Audience Engagement: Creating Friends Not Foes During Q&A

Theater presenters are a staple at trade show exhibits. They are subject matter experts, but do they know how to manage audience engagement? Share these tips so presenters can be ready for anything the audience throws at them.

Spring Is Here: 3 Simple Tips To Re-Energize At Work

Spring is in full swing. Are you struggling to keep up with it? Here are three tips to add a little spring to your step and re-energize at work.

Smart Meetings
How To Write Winning Event Proposals

A lot of us view event proposals as a necessary evil, when we should be embracing them as potential opportunities to transform relationships. A good event proposal will show clients that you are prepared, knowledgeable and understanding of their needs.

Successful Meetings
How To Make An Impression With A Creative Event Concept

The demand for live experiences has grown, which means we have to keep up with exciting and innovative new event ideas. Want to break the mold? Read on to learn how you can.

Meetings Net
7 Ways To Future-Proof Your Event Business

Our industry is changing. In the past few years alone, physical has quickly given way to digital, and meetings and events have evolved. How can we keep up with this? Adopting these habits will help.

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