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August 2017

Deliver the journey
The Customer Journey — Trade Show Style
There's something to be said for the customer journey — the vital path a buyer takes on their way to making a decision.

It's like a simple quest for the prospective client: they become aware of a company, gain knowledge of their products, consider doing business and ultimately decide to seal the deal.

So how can that be applied to the trade show experience?

Virtual Reality: The Trade Show's Quiet Game Changer

The advancements in virtual reality can be an invaluable asset for you to create impressions through unique storytelling.

Sign Language

In-booth graphics can be a powerful component of your exhibit-marketing program — when they're used effectively.

Larger Than Life: How to Make Small Exhibits Stand Out

Small booths and budgets are no excuse for diminutive returns. Here's a down-and-dirty primer to help the little guys find their strength, own their power, and compete with the big boys at every turn.

Meetings and Conventions
Safeguarding Your Event's Data

Event professionals are understandably concerned about the attendee experience when it comes to hotel accommodations, meeting room setup, food and beverage, etc. But relatively few are as thoughtful about participants' personal data.

Four Tips to Win the Content Game at Events and Conferences

While there are many reasons to participate at events, two bubble to the top: build relationships and share content. When the right content and communications plan converge for your event, you build stronger relationships from events and deliver superior ROC (Return on Content).

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