November 2018

How to Choose the Right Booth Location: 10 Things You Need to Consider
A simple thing like booth location can make or break your trade show appearance. So how can you make sure you've got the best location possible? These considerations can help you prepare for the selection process.

Why You Should Have a Marketing Plan for Your Next Event

Do you have a marketing plan for every event your business participates in? From setting goals to creating a plan of action, here are a few tips to get you started.

How Exhibitors Can Protect Their Intellectual Property at Trade Shows

Trade shows can be frontiers of innovation and creativity. In a matter of days, thousands of products and ideas are displayed in front of a wide audience. With all this exposure, how do you make sure your intellectual property is protected?

Successful Meetings
The Smart Way to Design an Event

We all know putting on an event is more than picking a venue and arranging the space. It takes defining the purpose among so many other things. By having an event-design process, you can successfully meet your organization’s objectives.

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Risk Management Warning: Continuous Monitoring is Key

The recent Aeromexico flight serves as a stark reminder for planners that risk-management protocols must always be actively monitored. This is why, in the event of a travel accident, we must collect all parties' travel information.

The Percentage of Women Traveling for Business is Rising but so are Their Unique Travel Safety Risks

Seventy percent of travel buyers agree that female business travelers today face higher travel safety risks. Do you have arrangements in place to ensure their safety?

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