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September 2017

A Quirky Tale Of Trade Fairs
When writer Charles Pappas was assigned a trade show history column for Exhibitor magazine little did he know it would fuel not only his new book, but also a deep appreciation for the kaleidoscopic variety trade fairs have contributed to the world over the years.

eConnections is delighted to review Charles' book "Flying Cars, Zombie Dogs, and Robot Overlords: How World's Fairs and Trade Expos Changed the World" in our September issue.

Creative Problem Solving By Ignoring The Problem

Use a new perspective to satisfy your goals and your budget at the same time.

Event Marketer
Six Tips For Making Event Content More Instagrammable

The best way to get people Snapping and Gramming is to be consumer-centric and influence attendees to generate content.

Event Marketer Blog
The Power Of Group Interaction In Winning Events

Check out these tips to improve group interaction within breakout sessions.

Trade Show News Network
Attendees Spark To Location Based Attendee Engagement

Gamification is still leading attendee excitement and buzz.

Outpost: Where Brands And Bands Are Turning A Trade Show On Its Head

This new trade show is blending the lines of an exhibit and an experience.

The New York Times
More Business Travelers Go 'Rogue,' Booking on Their Own

In the mindset of a "rogue traveler" as they nix corporate travel agents on their quest to build travel points.

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