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October 2017

Book Review
Sticky Stories Spell Success
The chase for a marketing campaign with staying power. Why do some messages stick and others die? Make stories sticky with these six principles.

Why There Is No Such Thing As "Downtime"

Lose "off-the-clock" thinking and collect every moment with these four tips.

Show Selection: Five Steps to Informed Decisions

There are no shortcuts to selecting a show, but there is a method.

Event Marketer
Six Top Event Marketers Sound Off On Where They See B-to-B Events Headed

These marketing professionals are literally transforming the landscape of b-to-b events — here's why.

Survey: Marketers Know All the Important Tech Trends But Aren't Prepared for Any of Them

Recent study shows understanding converging trends isn't the problem, it's how marketers don't plan to adapt their strategies in response.

The Power Of A 'Not-To-Do' List

The inverted thought process behind adding ‘anti-goals’ to your daily grind.

Business Travel Priorities Divide Corporate Leadership

The classic struggle between cost and growth.

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