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November 2017

How To Travel For Business Like You're In First Class
As most event producers can attest to, the USPS's unofficial motto "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night..." is a pretty good descriptor for what it's like to travel for events on tight deadlines. Luckily, Bonnie Sacco-Meyer of Travel Desk in St. Louis has some key advice for the event marketer on how to navigate the ever-changing world of business travel.

How The iPhone X Can Impact Your Next Event

The launch of the iPhone X marks a new frontier for high-end Apple phones. With its standard 4K resolution camera and the ability to deliver augmented reality, this device has become a hot topic among exhibitors who are thinking about incorporating live video into their show floor toolset.

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How AI is Powering the Trade Show of the Future

Applications of artificial intelligence are cropping up everywhere. And the autonomy AI provides the user is on its way to being an everyday necessity. Techniques are emerging that can lighten booth staff hours and streamline show floor operations. Here are 20 different opportunities to explore for the trade show organizers.

11 Ways to Make Your Next Instagram Marketing Campaign Dazzle

Instagram isn't a fickle beast; it's a malleable, forgiving science. But just like any good experiment, first set clear, time-bound goals to get the most out of your work. If you want to start a needle-moving campaign, take these approaches when you're preparing your Instagram marketing plan for your next event.

Buying Promotional Products: 5 Easy Ways To Avoid A Horror Story

It's three weeks before a show and you think you have everything you need — including the incoming promo items you meticulous wove into your tight timelines — when you get word the promised send date isn't going to happen. Instead of feeling the pressure, here's a horror-turned-success story on what to do.

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Things I Wish Somebody Would Have Told Me About Exhibiting

The old saw about hindsight being 20/20 means being able to learn from our mistakes. So when it comes to teaching ourselves lessons about exhibit management, learn from those who go before. Top advice from the masters? Remember that time is the only element we can't get back. Be early, do your leg work and set yourself up for a payoff.

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