November 2018

How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance as an Exhibitor During the Holiday Season
Finding time for work and the holiday season is easier said than done, right? Don't worry though, by sticking to these five simple rules you'll be able to give yourself the opportunity to recharge your batteries, lower your stress levels and perhaps become even more focused and efficient in the process.

What a Sales Team Can Expect at a Trade Show

When you have a sales team joining you for their first show, things can get a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated. The crowds, the sensory overload — even how your sales team typically used to pitching can be a bit tricky to navigate in a new environment. Here's how to adjust and lead your sales team to success.

Budgeting 101

We all know there's nothing about budgeting that's simple — especially as our financial planning has to undergo more scrutiny than ever before. Thankfully this handy infographic lays out some of the formulas, stats and averages that anyone can take into account for your next big, or tight, budget.

Best Practices When Ordering Event Technologies

The truth is that with so many different, amazing technologies to utilize on the exhibit floor, we don’t always make the best decisions. It’s like we’re kids in a candy store, but we’ve never had chocolate. Don’t miss out getting the most out of your technology investment by implementing these best practices.

11 Ways to Make Your Next Instagram Marketing Campaign Dazzle

If you are thinking about promoting the next event on Twitter, think again about Instagram. Entrepreneur's tip No. 5 acknowledges that live marketing should be part of the mix. Event marketers can turn this around and put these Instagram tips to work to engage prospective attendees before, during — and after the event.

Meetings & Conventions
Emergency Planning Takes Center Stage at Destination Caribbean

Being prepared in case of an emergency or unexpected event all succeeds through one thing — planning. At the recent Destination Caribbean, one of the country's leading experts on travel and meeting risk shared how if you're looking for the universal emergency plan, it doesn't exist. Knowing that your group has specific needs is the place to start. You can also check out our recent interview with the Director of Operations for the Event Safety Alliance with safety tips for exhibitors.

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