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Mission: To provide infection prevention and safety products that protect clincians, patients, and the practice.

Palmero Healthcare News

  New Tablet Barrier Sleeve Provides Infection Protection from Harmful Pathogens
Palmero Healthcare
Palmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, is pleased to introduce the Palmero Tablet Barrier Sleeve to protect your portable, sensitive touchscreen tablet devices. Don’t risk contamination or damage to your devices; the single-use disposable sleeve provides infection prevention by mitigating cross-contamination of harmful pathogens.

The easy-to-use Palmero Tablet Barrier Sleeve protects equipment from harmful chemicals by minimizing disinfection requirements. The sleeve fits comfortably over a tablet with or without a case and is compatible with full or mini iPads and tablets.

  ProVision Anti-Fog Solution just released by Palmero Healthcare
Palmero Healthcare
Palmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, is pleased to introduce its new Provision™ Anti-Fog Solution, an alcohol- free optical foaming cleaning solution that resists scratches, static and stains.

Fogging can limit visibility during crucial procedures. Provision Anti-Fog Solution is easy to use and cost effective. Simply apply the foaming solution on the surface of your eyewear or face shield and wipe clean with a soft cloth.

  Q1 National Promotions announced

Do you know what promotions Palmero Healthcare is hosting for the first quarter of 2018? Learn about the promotions by clicking the image. Or, for more information, visit palmerohealth.com, call 800.344.6424 or email customerservice@palmerohealth.com.

Industry News

  Mobile technology disinfection: Contaminated devices pose threat to patients
Mobile devices are ubiquitous in society and their infiltration of the healthcare environment poses new challenges for infection prevention and control. Numerous studies have documented that mobile handheld devices are frequently contaminated with healthcare-associated pathogens, but they are seldom cleaned and disinfected due to individuals being unsure of what kind of products and methods to use to decontaminate their electronics.  READ MORE ›

  New study finds IT can play a key role in infection prevention
In April 2017, UC Irvine Medical Center reported 10 newborns in one of its neonatal intensive care units tested positive for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. While none of the infants died, the medical center was unable to locate the source of the infection, according to the Los Angeles Times, and subsequently required staff and visitors to undergo vigorous infection prevention measures.  READ MORE ›

  Prevention of cross contamination in the area of infection control procedures in dental laboratory and clinic
This article focuses mainly on the prevention, communication, education and professional development in the area of safety and infection control procedures in dental clinics and laboratories, to assist both dental health providers and technicians to assume proper safety measures and avoiding cross infection to patients and colleagues.  READ MORE ›

  Disposable Barrier Sleeves Market Analysis
Medical institutions and hospitals must be very careful to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, parasites or viruses of any kind between doctors, nurses and the patients. Disinfection and sanitation are one part of the infection prevention process but excessively harsh chemicals used can harm delicate surfaces like wood, ruining it or even affecting electronics like tablet computers or other medical equipment. Disinfection is also time-consuming, which is an opportunity cost for medical institutions.  READ MORE ›

  Are mobile devices in healthcare settings in danger of spreading viruses?
In clinical settings, mobile phones benefit patients by placing useful data and information at the fingertips of health professionals during interactions on the ward. But are doctors and nurses unwittingly exposing vulnerable patients to a potential source of infection just by tapping their touch screen? Previous studies have already shown that the surfaces of mobile phones harbor nosocomial bacteria. Now, a study reveals that mobile devices are often also contaminated by viral RNA.  READ MORE ›
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