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Mission: To provide infection prevention and safety products that protect clincians, patients, and the practice.

Palmero Healthcare News

  The Next Generation of Disposable Face Shields Is Here!

Palmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, is proud to offer Dynamic Disposables New Snapeez Face Shields. Known for our safety and infection prevention compliance products, we understand the importance of face shields when additional protection is needed to safeguard the entire face from infectious agents. READ MORE ›

  Breaking the Chain of Infection with PPE
By Evelyn Cook, RN, CIC, Associate Director of SPICE
Dentists and dental hygienists perform tasks daily, placing them at risk for exposure to blood, saliva, and respiratory droplets. Transmission can occur from the patient to the healthcare provider or from the healthcare provider to the patient. However, in order for an infection to occur, certain elements are required, often referred to as the "Chain of Infection." READ MORE ›

X-Ray Apron Trade-In/Recycling Program

Buy 1, Recycle 1, Receive 1 apron hanger
Palmero is committed to environmental responsibility. It’s a key component of our core values and an extension of our mission to protect patients, clinicians, and the practice to include the environment as well. READ MORE ›

  Q1 National Promotions announced

Do you know what promotions Palmero Healthcare is hosting for the first quarter of 2018? Learn about the promotions by clicking the image. Or, for more information, visit palmerohealth.com, call 800.344.6424 or email customerservice@palmerohealth.com.

Industry News

  The 5 most common infection control breaches
Infection control breaches come in all shapes and sizes – some are subtle and might not be readily apparent, while others are glaringly obvious. Some of the most common breaches are also some of the easiest to avoid.  READ MORE ›

  Embracing a face shield: Federal guidelines on infection control are clear about protecting the face
Dental hygienists perform many tasks in the line of duty that create the possibility of cross contamination. We are in constant contact with hazardous microorganisms. We know risks are involved with any task we take on. We work with blood and saliva every day. These elements can and do transmit disease and carry pathogens. Vapors, droplets, and particles that are created during care can spread diseases such as hepatitis B and influenza.  READ MORE ›

  Creating a culture of safety in dental practice settings
Historically, dentistry in the U.S. has not been associated with high numbers of healthcare-acquired infections — that’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that recently there have been a number of well-publicized breaches of infection prevention protocols. Some of those breaches led to HIAs, several involving serious consequences and even the death of a patient in the U.S. as a result of an infection acquired during dental treatment.  READ MORE ›

  The science of aerosols: What you might not know could hurt you
In the late 1980s, the OSHA enacted rules to protect healthcare workers, including those in the dental field, against blood-borne pathogens. There are many requirements to protect employees when they perform dental procedures. PPE for infection control and protection from blood-borne pathogens required for OSHA compliance, including mask, gloves, glasses, and face shield, offer some defense against spatter, but is it enough?  READ MORE ›
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