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Mission: To provide infection prevention and safety products that protect clincians, patients, and the practice.

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  Are you registered for the upcoming webinar — Safety First! Protect Yourself, Your Patients and Your Practice?
Earn 1 CEU Credit by attending this webinar — Register here!
Dental professionals and patients not only need protection from exposure to blood, saliva and airborne pathogens. They need protection from particles from dental materials that may splatter or become airborne. This webinar will discuss updates in CDC, OSHA and OSAP guidelines and offer practical solutions for eye wear, face shields and radiation safety.

  The Next Generation of Disposable Face Shields Is Here!

Palmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, is proud to offer Dynamic Disposables New Snapeez Face Shields. Known for our safety and infection prevention compliance products, we understand the importance of face shields when additional protection is needed to safeguard the entire face from infectious agents. READ MORE ›

  Top 5 benefits to joining OSAP

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention is a growing community of clinicians, educators, researchers, and industry representatives who advocate for safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare. The purpose of this 501(c) (6) membership association is to be the voice for leadership and compliance with science-based dental infection prevention and safety practices through quality education and information dissemination. At Palmero Healthcare, we believe it is important to be a part of this community and want to encourage you to join the OSAP. READ MORE ›

  Hearing Loss: An Unrecognized Hazard in the Dental Setting?
By Evelyn Cook, RN, CIC, Associate Director of SPICE
Dental healthcare professionals are at risk for a multitude of occupational exposures, including exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other infectious agents. Most DHCP are aware of these hazards and take the necessary precautions to maintain their safety, as well as the safety of their patients. Personal protective equipment is essential to eliminate and/or minimize these exposures and generally consists of gowns, gloves mask, eye protection, and/or face shields. However, other events, such as exposure to excessive noise, may be an unrecognized hazard in the dental setting and could be life altering for DHCPs. READ MORE ›

X-Ray Apron Trade-In/Recycling Program

Buy 1, Recycle 1, Receive 1 apron hanger
Palmero is committed to environmental responsibility. It’s a key component of our core values and an extension of our mission to protect patients, clinicians, and the practice to include the environment as well. READ MORE ›

  Q2 National Promotions announced

Do you know what promotions Palmero Healthcare is hosting for the second quarter of 2018? Learn about the promotions by clicking the image. Or, for more information, visit palmerohealth.com, call 800.344.6424 or email customerservice@palmerohealth.com.

Industry News

  Prevalence of tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss in dentists
The purpose of this study was to evaluate noise levels in dental offices and to estimate the risk and prevalence of tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in practicing dentists.  READ MORE ›

  Hearing loss in the dental office: The effects of high speed dental drills on dentists' hearing
The earliest dental drills date from ancient Egypt, approximately 9,000 years ago. Scottish inventor James Nasmyth used a coiled wire spring drill in 1829.  READ MORE ›

  Hearing Loss in Dentistry: A Silent Topic
It is estimated that 30 million Americans are exposed to potentially harmful sounds at work. Many workplaces require hearing protection devices as personal protective equipment. Dentists and their auxiliaries are regularly exposed to decibel levels at and above the level of 85, which begins an unsafe zone for ears without protection. Awareness needs to be generated within the dental sector regarding noise-induced hearing loss sooner rather than later.  READ MORE ›

  Trends in ... hearing protection
About 22 million people are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work every year, according to OSHA. “Loud noise can create physical and psychological stress, reduce productivity, interfere with communication and concentration, and contribute to workplace accidents and injuries by making it difficult to hear warning signals,” the agency states, adding that noise-induced hearing loss can impair a person’s ability to understand speech and communicate.  READ MORE ›

  Can you hear me now? Hear about occupational noise-induced hearing loss among dental professionals
For the past 25 years, dental professionals have become increasingly aware of the number of occupational hazards associated with working in a dental office. We protect our skin with gloves and lab jackets, our eyes with protective eyewear, our noses and mouths with masks and face shields, and our neck, shoulder, and back postures with loupes and saddle stools. But what about our ears? To date, most dental health-care workers have not taken an active role in protecting their hearing in the workplace.  READ MORE ›

  Are Dentists More at Risk of Hearing Loss?
A doctor of audiology student at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) is now investigating whether dentists are at a higher risk of hearing loss due to excessive drilling noise. Krisztina Bucsi Johnson is recruiting Johnson City area dentists to participate in her study, which will also attempt to measure the degree of risk of hearing loss associated with high-speed drills. She recently received funding support from the National Hearing Conservation Association Foundation.  READ MORE ›
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