Keeping bad bugs at bay in the hospital
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September 19, 2016

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The deadly epidemic America is ignoring
Fifteen years after the U.S. declared drug-resistant infections to be a grave threat, the crisis is only worsening, a Reuters investigation finds, as government agencies remain unwilling or unable to impose reporting requirements on a healthcare industry that often hides the problem.  Read More »

Keeping bad bugs at bay in the hospital
U.S. News & World Report
In 2012, Jerolyn Ireland had a benign brain tumor removed. "The operation was a breeze," she says, but back at home, the surgical site became red and irritated. As she waited to get in to see her doctor, the infection worsened.  Read More »

How infection-related 'superbug' deaths are going uncounted in the US
Las Vegas Review-Journal
osiah Cooper-Pope, born 15 weeks premature, did fine in the neonatal intensive care unit for the first 10 days of his life. Then, suddenly, his tiny body started to swell. Overnight, he grew so distended that his skin split.  Read More »

Beware of backflow at the dentist
The Huffington Post
When it comes to our routine dental visits, many of us will face some potential jitters, but there's another common thing that most of us also will do: we close our lips around the suction straw during our dental cleanings or procedures.  Read More »
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Proper use of disinfecting
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